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Even in a good economy, people often try to save money by preventing an auto repair in order to save money. We treat all bumps, bumps and scratches without immediately running to the mechanic, because not all auto problems are a sign of imminent danger, some are just annoying sounds and modules that get worn or broken with time.

However, there are many things that should require you to call your mechanic or drive him for analysis immediately. There are no strict rules about sounds that mean problems, and little signs that are not important.

So it is worth doing a few things to make sure you are on top of the health of your vehicle, making sure you fix any problems before they become big problems.

Visual Inspection – Before getting into your car, take a look around and make sure your wheels are all full and that they are about the same height and height. the same inclination. Sometimes a slow leak suddenly leaves a tire flat, but the driver does not realize it before being on the road in a potentially dangerous situation.

Take a look under the car to make sure all parts do not look loose, and there are no loose parts or loose components.

Watch your gauges and note the heat, oil, water and other levels of fluids. Make sure your temperature looks not only low, but also stable.

Audial Inspection – While everyone enjoys music while driving, take the time to drive your car and listen to it as it speeds up, breaks, when it breaks starts and the engine closes. There are a lot of waiting lines that we have that tell the experienced mechanic that something bad is going to happen. People often do not have the habit of listening to the needs of their car and can potentially be dangerous.

If you hear sounds or see something that is wrong, write them down and describe them as best you can, so that you can easily duplicate the problem for any technician who might be inspecting your vehicle.

A car is the best way to move freely and cheaply, but cars also require a lot of maintenance and care. Take good care of your vehicle and pay attention to changes in sound or performance. Also be sure to follow your regular maintenance so that fluid levels and normal wear and tear are cleared.


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