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Flat bridal shoes. At first, this could cause a boring mental picture, but only if you have not watched the endless variety of wedding ballerinas. It is dazzling, indeed overwhelming to browse the many styles, colors, plain or printed, leather (suede included), or even designs with a sporty look. And many by the best fashion artists of the shoe.

There are practical reasons to choose flat shoes for your wedding. Easier on the soles of the feet, which will guide you in the alley, and will carry your weight on the long and difficult reception line, if your fiance has a large family ….

During the reception and the dinner, you will go up and down all the time. If you wear four inch heels and cut them off when you sit down, you will be groping for them whenever a speech is requested.

If you choose flat shoes for your bridesmaids, I guarantee you that they will be eternally grateful. They have as long as you – in fact longer! Many brides leave the wedding early for their honeymoon leaving the wedding party and guests dancing all night. Flat shoes can convey the very edge of designer fashion, while feeling like room slippers!

After your wedding, everyone can wear their wedding ballerinas for many occasions.

In particular, white, black, ivory, silver and gold ballerinas can be associated with jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets can easily be chosen to go with your wedding party outfits.

Many ballerinas come in designs with two or three colors, especially mixtures of metallic shades. This allows to mix and match the choice of jewelry for bridal and bridesmaids. Some women look better in cooler shades of white, silver or white gold. Others shine beautifully in warm shades of gold, copper and bronze.

While mixing these shades for jewelry, all can wear the same apartments!


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