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Flitch beam design software is a useful tool for architects, engineers, designers and builders. Ribbed beams are a common type of composite construction. Composite building materials are formed by combining two or more materials in a manner that allows them to function as a single component structurally. The lattice girders are created by superimposing wooden beams with steel plates or plywood to form a wider and lighter structural beam. The bolts hold the components in layers to form a single unit.

These advantages make beams a desirable and attractive choice in light construction projects:

They can withstand heavier loads over long distances

They are thinner than solid wood or steel beams with similar load qualities [19659002] They can be nailed to other components of wooden structures during construction

They are much lighter than solid beams.

The use of computer software to design a flitch beam can greatly improve the profitability of a project by enabling a more accurate and efficient design. Software packages Calculate precisely the thickness, depth and length of each beam, more easily than any type of manual calculation.

The use of the arrow beam design software eliminates the possibility of using beams too thick or too close together. This can significantly reduce construction costs by allowing each beam to be used more fully to its capacity.

One of the most difficult calculations associated with a flitch beam is that of the bending that the beam will undergo. The packages will carefully calculate the deflection of the flitch beams. Well-constructed floor beams ensure that all components deform exactly the same value. The value of the relative stiffness of steel and wood is very different. When used correctly, the structural analysis software will accurately determine the appropriate interaction of multiple materials.

The size of the bolts and the spacing in the construction of the beams are essential. A separate article will briefly discuss a simple way to determine the bolt spacing for a flitch beam.

The Flitch beam design software is an indispensable tool for the architect, the engineer or the designer.


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