Flipping Out – Home Design as a Life Lesson (an opinion critic)


There's something totally alluring about Flipping Out, a Bravo TV reality show based on Jeff's real estate speculator, LA (I can still move my eyebrows) Lewis. Watching it looks like taking a bath in the narcissistic and self-absorbed world that only a place like Southern California could produce. It is a visual and sensual tribute to LaLa land and neo-narcissism; me in power a billion.

The design of the house as fodder for a great comedy or should it be a Greek tragedy? Because there is something inherently tragic in this program; Maybe that is the real human feeling that is running that benefits the surface of everything that buys and returns, not to mention everything that is happening and hiring.

It's also a testament to how much human evolution has progressed – where is this meteorite when you need it? If Jeff Lewis is a symbol of the path traveled as a species – Darwin would not be amused; but then again, maybe it would be tickled with pink – maybe that's just what we (the humanity) rightly deserve.

Point East, Flipping Out is as entertaining as possible. The characters are far more enjoyable than anything you find on the TV show melodies of today … Only House is close to capturing the quirk that is human nature at its best.

In fact, it is extremely difficult to believe that this reality show is not scripted. The characters are so bizarre that only a well – marinated screenwriter could produce them in abundance, or maybe real life in Southern California is such a magnet for eccentricity, anything is possible. Even then, putting them all together in a reality show is a master shot, from Zoila the impertinent Nicaraguan housekeeper to Chris the trash bumbling guy to the well-founded Ryan partner; they all appear as solidly sketched and engraved in our minds.

The only television comparison that comes close to Flipping Out is Seinfeld. Maybe this comparison is inevitable since Jenn's sidekick and personal assistant Jenni have a disturbing resemblance to Elaine. She calm Jeff through a crisis after another … whether it's a messy client, to remove the human excrement left by renovation workers, to purchase the next multi-million dollar property .

Although Jeff has an obvious talent for finding dilapidated real estate and completely redesigning them into highly profitable buildings, he is without doubt one of the most selfish and selfish people you've ever had. . pleasure to watch. Everything in this perfectly controlled world is centered on the needs of Jeff and Jeff. The takeaway order (which is the show's favorite hobby) takes on a whole new meaning in this reality show. Coffee One hundred and forty degrees, no matter who?

Watching Flipping Out is very addictive; like any good show based on reality, we are drawn to the characters & # 39; lives without any restraint. We see all of Jeff's gross defects: his obsessive-compulsive disorder, his childish behavior, his self-absorbed personality, his obsession for balance and details … he makes Holmes on Homes an amateur handyman. Well, not really, but they share the same passion for true build quality that is totally reassuring in the mortgage foreclosure sector of today, aka mainstreet USA.

Jeff receives no respect, at least not from his employees that he beats more like personal slaves than anything that looks like equal human beings. By the very admission of Jeff, he considers himself the greatest babysitter in all of California rather than an employer. This is probably for the best because the way he cares about his employees is amazing how someone could work for him and keep his self esteem intact. Just make sure you leave before he pulls you so that you can hang on to this last shaman of human dignity.

Why Jeff appears as extremely a very friendly guy is a total mystery. Maybe in the end we see more of Jeff in ourselves and our own actions than any of us would like to believe or even admit – through empathy comes the compassion. Who does not want to be a total egotistical jerk from time to time? Hedonism has its takers, and narcissism has more than a little fascination for the inner child in all of us. OCD aside, Peter Pan and Jeff Lewis have understood; no one ever really grows up.

Who would have imagined, the design of the house as a life lesson for all of us. It's only in a reality TV show that such profane nonsense can be captured and appreciated. Do not be disturbed that you should be bothered than others … just welcome to Flipping Out.


Source by Titus Hoskins

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