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Soccer cleats are available in many different materials and each has its own positives and negatives. Choosing the best crampons is certain to help improve your performance and your full game potential. The most common crampons are genuine leather and synthetic alternatives.

Here is an overview of the different materials:


Genuine leather football cleats are considered the most popular. comfortable and give the best fit possible. This material can easily conform or stretch to match the unique shape of the individual player's foot over time. However, this quality of stretch can sometimes be negative, especially if it starts to stretch, which means that it is necessary to invest in a new pair of crampons.

Leather is a thicker material than synthetic alternatives. the ability to give greater protection to the feet. Plus, with this type of wedge conforming to the shape of the foot, it is certain to help control the ball.

However, the leather material has some minor problems. On the one hand, the leather is quite absorbent, which means that the crampons will be harder to clean and weigh down in wet conditions.

Hybrid leather is a useful solution to help players who play often in the wet state. This type of shim is made with a treated leather and a synthetic quarter to improve the water resistance.

A particular type of leather that is very light and flexible is kangaroo leather. It is still able to maintain the strength of traditional leather, but it's a soft material that gives superior performance with a soft feel and excellent ball control.


Cleats made of synthetic materials have seen many improvements that have left them quite similar to leather alternatives. This is a material that gives more options with designs and that holds the color as well. Plus, it's the preferred cleat type for wet conditions because it is more capable of withstanding water penetration. Modern crampons are starting to become thinner and lighter to help maintain the feel and control of the ball.

However, it is essential to look for crampons made of a high quality material. The low cost options can be quite heavy and feel less comfortable to wear. In addition, it is advantageous to wear the crampons in an air permeable material.


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