For Beauty And Hairdressing The Future Looks Bright


When a new beauty salon opens in a city in England, inevitable calls arrive by phone from sad old men who check if their luck is there and where the salon is actually a euphemism for hitting at the door.

This is the sad fact that has been reported by someone who has opened a new business in town offering all the beauty treatments, including whole body massages. One man even called and said that he wanted a full body massage, but added that he should explain that he was not wearing underwear.

The implication was obvious, so the answer was simply to say that they were not massaging men who were not wearing underwear and that he had to do his business elsewhere.

Beauty salons are one of the very few survivors of the main street where there are innumerable closures of other types of businesses. The big streets of Britain will look very different in the middle of this century.

It is difficult to see more of a useful business type of service such as the survival of beauty therapy in the future in the city centers. Beauty therapy such as hairdressing are two functions that require the physical presence of the client and can not be purchased online.

Probably in forty years, supermarkets will also disappear as Internet purchases become more and more important. The inevitable production will be that since manufacturers are no longer bound to prefer suppliers and they will sell directly from the factory and usually this will lead to lower prices.

The future of shopping is a topic important enough to attract students looking for a good subject for thesis and sci-fi writers. If the future depends on home deliveries of everything we need from food to clothing, the following conclusion is that few of us will have to leave our homes because most jobs can today be provided by a computer and a modem.

As electronic communication becomes more sophisticated, it is quite easy to visualize desktop work in a virtual environment. Sitting at a table at home one may find oneself having a conference with a dozen holograms of colleagues.

It seems like a good idea to get stuck in the service sector like beauty therapy and hairstyling, because these two services will always have a future. Repairing household items like television repairs are service jobs that have had their day.

In the 1970s, the TV repairer was a busy person in every city, but it is now more rare than rocking shit or goose bumps. The fact is that all televisions have reached the stage of waste society and that if it does not work, it is not profitable and if it is still in its warranty phase, a replacement is provided anyway .

The shocking fact is that all the talk we continue to fill landfill sites at an endless rate despite some positive material recycling efforts.

Thus, London hairdressers and beauty salons can still have a rosy future without the hair growth gene being identified and when our hair is just the right length, we take a pill to stop any growth for the rest of our lives! A dark thought and yet with a combination of genetics and the fast pace and continuous evolution of technology, it is impossible to exclude something for the next fifty years.

Directories are useful devices for locating all services and although these are increasingly listed on computer databases, there is an advantage to this with the reduced ranking of trees for paper.


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