Foundation Repair Training


Repairing the foundation is the most complicated and costly type of repair your home will need. This is the reason why many people at school to get training specifically to become a basic repair contractor. This type of course is very difficult and expensive, however, the rewards that accompany the training are immense.

What you need to learn:

The most important skill that you will learn in these training courses are to spot the damage. You will be trained to see the signs of damage and appropriate techniques on how to remedy the situation.

Damage to the Foundation is very difficult to detect because the actual damage is usually hidden from the naked eye of untrained professionals. You will need to be specially trained to distinguish ordinary cracks on concrete or bricks from serious damage.

Another thing you will need to learn is how to determine appropriate repair methods. There are many different ways to repair foundation damage, all of which depend on the type of damage, the location of the damage and the solidity of the surrounding soil around your home. As a trained entrepreneur, you will have to take all these factors and formulate a solution to the problem. This is very important due to the fact that the wrong repair method will do nothing to repair the situation for the owner and cause them unnecessary aggravation.


In some places, contractors who work on foundations must pass a test and receive a state license, while in other areas , You will only need a license if your repair work will cost more than $ 30,000. However, some states do not regulate entrepreneurs who work on foundations. They do not need to get a license to work on the foundations in these places.


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