Frankfurt Christmas Market


The Frankfurt Christmas Market has existed for over 600 years and is steeped in history and tradition. By far one of the oldest and most popular markets in Germany in terms of number of visitors and size makes it one of the most important markets in Germany.

A testimony of the popularity of the market can be seen in the tribute festivals & # 39; that have sprouted all over the UK. There are simply named markets in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The Market is located on the other side of Romerberg Square, Paulsplatz Square and Mainkai Embankment, surrounded by Frankfurt's architecture and landscape. The market has more than 200 stalls selling arts, crafts and Christmas food and beverages. There is also a variety of entertainment centered around a 30-meter high Christmas tree at the center of the market.

Food at the Christmas Market in Frankfurt

The first thing to say to you when you enter the market is the cacophony of seasonal scents of traditional German cuisine: baked apples, roasted nuts and spice bread among others. The culinary delights on the market are typically German and unmistakably Christmas in nature. Accompanying the ever-present introduction of the German sausage is the German Christmas goose as well as "Brenten", "Bethmaennchen" and "Quetschemaennchen" which are mass-filled miniature trips and a staple in Frankfurt. at Christmas. Do not forget to mention the famous German mulled wine, to warm the hulls of your heart, which is available everywhere.

Main attractions of the Christmas Market in Frankfurt

Without a doubt, the main attraction of the market is the Swiss Christmas tree 30 meters high around which is the market, an easy meeting point if you lose companions as it is visible from almost every part of the market and everyone knows where it is. Another must-see is the Alte Nikolaikirche, the former Nikolai Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Frankfurt – mentioned for the first time in 1264 although it is believed It is even older. The church is famous for its more than 40 bells chime that rings every day so you are sure not to miss it.

Christmas Markets in Germany

With so many stellar German Christmas markets, the most difficult choice is to visit. A good idea is to attend a big city market, shop out of the way, and then visit one of the smaller examples nearby to discover a true romantic charm. In this way you will discover the big impressive markets in Germany as well as the allure of a more intimate place. Frankfurt is there before an ideal choice because the charming Christmas market of Wiesbaden is not far away.


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