Free Beauty Secrets – Easy Tips on How to Get a Glamorous Party Look in No Time


Here are some free beauty secrets that I hope will give you inspiration to try something new and fresh!

Silver and Gold

For a real party makeover, after applying an eye shadow, silver or gold color, in the inner corner of the eye. It opens and showcases your look in a way that will make you truly glamorous!

Glittery Nails

Have you ever tried double layers of nail polish? It will look better if you start with a distinct color as a base, for example dark red, dark blue or purple. When the basecoat is dry, add a more transparent and brighter color with flake flakes on the first layer. It will look really cool and will also strengthen the base polish and make it last longer. A perfect way to bring out your nails and catch the eyes of others even if they are not very long!

Shimmering Eyes

Rather than using an eyeliner, take a dark, shiny eyeshadow (eg, midnight blue) and draw a thin line with a thin eyebrush just above upper lashes. The line should be a little thicker than the usual line of eyeliner, but not much.


Most women know how to apply shadows to the face, but very few think of reflections. Something that can be just as important. So, get yourself a good highlighter! It can really work wonders and always very natural. Apply a very small amount on your cheekbones, between your eyes and on the sides of your nosebone. This way, your cheekbones will look higher and your eyes will look more spaced. You can also use a highlighter just above the pencil on your upper lip. It will make your upper lip more complete and more accentuated.

Do not use too much. You do not want your face to shine.

Tube Tops and Suspenders

The tube tops are, at least in my opinion, one of the best clothes out there if you want to look glamorous and dressed for a party. There is only one problem though – the bra. The use of a regular bra will not work because the straps will remove the entire point behind the top of the tube. A strapless bra can make you nervous and you often feel uncomfortable. There is nothing that can ruin the impression like pulling and constantly checking the clothes. You have to look comfortable to look good! I always recommend transparent straps, also known as transparent straps. Just replace the straps in your bra with these. They are almost invisible and you can wear your regular bra and be as comfortable as ever!

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