Free Christmas Party Games Ideas That Create Joy and Laughter


Discovering new Christmas party games can be a very fun way to bring old-fashioned traditional celebrations to life. You can instantly skyrocket your status as a party planner with some of these fun Christmas party game ideas.

A fun idea is to have all guests open their candidates with oven mittens. It's sure to laugh a lot while people are struggling to break through the tape and the paper wrapping.

You can also give everyone a small bag of 10 chocolates when they enter the party. Make a rule that if someone catches them by saying certain words such as "Santa," "Presents," "Christmas," etc., they must hand over a piece of their chocolate to that person. The person with the most chocolate in the end is the winner.

Have an "ugly sweater" theme. The person with the ugliest sweater wins a prize. This can be a good Christmas party game for parties where everyone does not know each other.

Organize a packaging contest. Blindfold people to the party, set a timer, and see how far people can get with wrapping a gift or a box when they can not see. Cut the wrapping paper to fit the box in advance, as playing with bandaged scissors can be harmful. See who gets the farthest and award them a prize.

Have a gift box or unpacking box. Divide the partygoers into two teams. Make a station with gift wrapping, scissors and tape. The first person must run to the station and pack the gift.

When they finish, they have to go back, and the next person in line repeats itself. For younger children, this can be an unpacking party. Either way, it's a nice Christmas party game.

Play a Christmas party game "Guess what at the bottom". Put badly shaped objects in the socks, and make them guess what they are. Some ideas can be pinecones, candy canes or star shaped objects.

Christmas Bingo can be a fun time. Make an empty bingo sheet, and ask people to fill in the boxes with words that they associate with Christmas, such as "ornament", "garland" or "Christmas tree". Give Hershey kisses to use as markers, and see who wins this fun Christmas party game.

Take two decks of cards. Keep one for yourself, and shuffle the other game to the party animals. Keep some gifts on a table near everyone. A good rule is to have half as many candidates as party goers for this one.

After everyone has received their cards, take your package and read aloud the combination of the card and the numbers. When people have this card, they can take a gift from the middle.

Once the presences are over, people can take gifts from each other. This can be a very nice Christmas party game (especially for people who have the habit of keeping the gifts!).


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