From Classical to Contemporary: Types of Interior Design


The interior design can be very versatile. The design and decoration of the house is not limited to taste. It is time, space, budget, and of course creativity and imagination. In this sense, the types of interior design can fall into a variety of categories. So, let's take a look at some of these categories and see how we can determine the right interior design for us.

The interior design should reflect the personality of the owner of the space being decorated, not the interior architect. Your space is about you, not someone else. A good decorator should also be a good judge of character and should be able to listen, not just to speak. That's why all of these "reality" interior design shows are so annoying and so exaggerated. You should never have someone come to your place and redo all your home in their specific taste. You should know what you want before calling an interior architect to help you.

Contemporary Style
This style is most often defined by a minimalist style. Bright colors and light are often incorporated not only to give a modern sense of space, but also to make it look wider. The visual expansion of small spaces is an irreplaceable trend in contemporary style design. The furniture is supposed to project sharp and clean outlines through their smooth lacquer finishes.

Traditional Style
The old days are reflected in this style. The images of old houses come to mind when talking about traditional interior design. Conventional draperies, darker colors and larger furniture are a recipe for the traditional. Pieces of furniture often have overlaps of straight and curved lines. They have smooth angles and soft curves. Classic furniture and accessories often give the traditional style a sense of calm, familiarity and well organized.

Eclectic Style
This is a mix of styles. For example, you take modern or contemporary furniture and mix it with traditional-style curtains. The eclectic style can also be a mix of different cultures or periods of time. It is very difficult to achieve, therefore, you will need to find a very skilled interior designer. This is not just a random assortment of furniture and decorations, there is a logical pattern to this nonsense. Everything that is done here is deliberate. The furniture is matched through, shape, color, texture, finish or scale. This type of design is used in many modern homes. Some did it deliberately, others by mistake. It's easy to tell which ones have benefited from the help of interior designers.

Budget Style
This one is my favorite, because of the need. There are incredibly good designers who can work wonders on a budget. Creating an inexpensive space is not an easy task. Of course, we can all go to a certain Swedish furniture store and buy a bunch of assorted furniture. But, can we match them with curtains, shutters, blinds or cheaper carpets? Budget-conscious designers are your destination in this case.

Accessibility Style
This style of interior design is probably newer than the contemporary style. The goal here is to create spaces that are used and appreciated by people with disabilities. Generally renovated for wheelchair accessibility for buildings, kitchens and bathrooms, this style is very useful.


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