Full Sleeve Tattoo: Information and Tips


A complete tattoo is one that literally covers the arm from shoulder to wrist. The most beautiful tattoos with full sleeves are those that blend into a flowing tattoo.

To achieve this, one must try to consider the end result even before going to the salon. Discussing your ideas with the tattoo artist will greatly help to achieve the look you are looking for.

Things can get a bit difficult if you already have tattoos on parts of your arm. A professional tattoo artist will be able to offer you various options and ideas on how he can connect all existing tattoos and make them look as if you wanted a full-body tattoo right off the bat.

A common technique that is used to achieve a flowing tattoo, is to add backgrounds to existing tattoos. If you are thinking of getting a sleeve tattoo from scratch, then the world is literally your oyster because you have total freedom as to what type of tattoos you can choose.

It is said that the most beautiful full tattoos are those that revolve around a specific theme. Favorite themes for full-sleeved tattoos include floral motifs, Celtic themes, tribal tattoos, Japanese art, religious tattoos and much more.

If you already have a few coins on your arm, you will lose all the flowing effect.

Work closely with your tattoo artist so that you have an idea of ​​what it would look like BEFORE the work begins. Have all the drawing created on the paper first.

If this is your first tattoo or if you only have a few tattoos, try talking to different artists so that you have a good idea of ​​what everyone is capable of doing. Then go with the one who is on the same page as you.

A full-body tattoo will probably take a few weeks to complete (sometimes even months or more). This largely depends on the complexity of the design and tolerance to pain. It is important that you allow the healing time of the swelling to achieve the best results.


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