Fun With Barbie Doll Crafts


Many little girls love everything about Barbie. They love the fashion and beauty that goes with these dolls. They also like to pretend to be adults. Their imaginations are crazy. If your child loves Barbie dolls, then you can have fun crafts that they can do to make them even more fun with this popular doll brand.

One of the best things your child can do is to be creative and use his imagination. The main theme of Barbie is pink, so you can make crafts using this pink theme. A great job that your daughter can do is make her own Barbie doll. This does not require any plastic doll parts. All she needs is a piece of paper and coloring utensils. Ask him to draw his favorite doll. She could even draw like a Barbie doll. The options are endless. It can add more pleasure without having to buy a new doll. You can also have him draw separate clothes on a different piece of paper. If they are cut out, then they can be used to dress up her paper doll, adding even more fun to the experience.

If your child is interested in the dress aspect of Barbie dolls, then you and she can work together to make clothes that look like the type of clothes that Barbie would wear. It also teaches your daughter how to sew and be creative with fabric and ribbon. This is a particularly good job if you, as a parent, already have the sewing machine and the skills to use it.


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