Fundamentals of Landscape Design


Like many other aspects of our lives, landscaping is something that can be graciously turned into an artwork if it is handled properly. The appearance of your front yard can contribute as much to the value and beauty of your home as much as the interior design or location can, not to mention a well-designed garden can be a place of tranquility deep and rest.

The Palette

As for other art forms, some essential elements must be taken into account when designing your landscape, such as colors, arrangement, textures used and l & # 39; scale. Plants with colors that blend into their surroundings, or compliment the colors used on your home, can have a soothing effect on the eyes. Just as much, the arrangement of your plants can also affect that.


Another element to consider in the theme of your garden and in the design process is rhythm. The theme can be almost anything, from basing your landscape around a certain group of plants, to inspirations from around the world (like a Buddhist rock garden, for example).

The rhythm of a landscape, if properly measured, will gently influence an observer to keep looking around and take all the details of the landscape. You should ask yourself if the landscape is moving in a consistent and meaningful way?


Finally, the accent can affect the detrimental layout of the landscape, or can be a kind of centerpiece for your landscape, be it a statue, a tree or anything else. ;other. Everything, from bed lines to walkways, should intentionally direct the prying eyes of garden spectators to the focal points of your oasis at the back.


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