Garage Installation and Repair Guide


Follow these simple steps to make sure your garage door will last as long as your home.

1. The first step in garage door repair is to diagnose the problem. The first thing to check is also the easiest to spot, the track. Make sure the track is well attached to walls and ceilings. If the track looks good, you will have to check if your springs are the problem. Get a ladder or stool to stand up and inspect the springs connecting the door to the garage door that is normally attached to your ceiling. If your track looks good and your springs seem to be in good condition, it is likely that your opener is a problem.

2A. If you feel that you know the problem, you can call a few local companies and start comparing the prices of spare parts as well as parts and repairs. If you have experience with the tools and you have fixed garage doors before you can probably save money by repairing them yourself, but if you are not really sure from what you do, to a sectional door repair company.

2B. If you can not find what's wrong in your garage, you should call a few companies to bring them to your home, and if that's a problem, they can probably handle it here. It's important to know the make and style of your garage door so repair companies can bring replacement parts. Some companies do not charge quotes, but most do it simply by calling.

3. Comparing the rates of different companies, make sure you get time estimates, because most people prefer to spend a few extra dollars for a service the same day. Garage door repairs and installations can usually be done the same day if you call early enough.


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