Garden Design for a new home


A front garden design should be done with a new perspective. Take on the appearance of your home by strolling down the main street a few times. Notice what a stranger looks like in front of your house or a visitor walking towards her. How does the space look directly from the front or when you approach the side?

Usually, people living in the home tend to have a perspective of their own front yard as a garage and driveway that leads to the front door, or even look from inside the House. It's the perspective that others have when they see the street space that will give you an idea of ​​the front garden design that will highlight the best features of your home.

A good garden creates the best impression for your home. The front yard design should ideally complement the architecture of your home.

A feeling of harmony

There must be a feeling of harmony about the various elements of the garden and the house. Keep in mind the period of your home; an elegant and nervous water feature is perhaps not the best solution for the garden in front of your traditional home.

Maintain Maintenance To A Minimum

Design your garden in such a way that it is easy to maintain. You may want to minimize the amount of lawn and consider evergreen trees for trees. A messy front yard will not only invade your nerves but will also become the neighborhood's horror


When designing your home and garden, pay close attention to the driveway. This is a large proportion of most courses before. Choose pavers from the driveway to match the outside of the house and the garden paths, they must also be load bearing and stain resistant and other wear and tear.

Practice and Functionality

Functionality is an important aspect to consider when designing a front garden. Gardens that are full of foliage may seem fine, but navigating through the dense overhang can prove difficult and frustrating after the novelty wears off. Security should also be of paramount importance. Make sure the trails are well lit and designed so that there are no hard turns to negotiate or that the steps are too steep.

Limits and Privacy

a sense of privacy. High walls can also provide some security and additional enclosed space to entertain visitors. Fencing is a good option for limits, decorative wrought iron and traditional picket fencing are very popular options. If you only want to set the limits, even a simple flowerbed will do the trick.

A front garden is not just for fun or to add to the streetscape, but it also adds value to your property. When building a new home, you can also consider that you should have a nice garden in front of your house and discuss it with your architect.


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