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Getting a tattoo is considered a big deal because it will be listed on your body for good. It is wise to choose a tattoo that you desire. There are a variety of tattoo designs with different symbolic meaning and for some, are simply for decorative purposes. Considering that many choose the design for its perspectives rather than its meaning, it is wise to educate with a symbolic meaning on the tattoo that you have inked or will inscribe.

Good fortune has always been a popular theme among tattoo enthusiasts and enthusiasts. It manifests itself in different symbolic imaginaries and is entirely specific to the times and cultures from which they come. From the figure, seven is a number closely associated with luck in Western culture. It is not uncommon to see the image of the rolled dice seven to three to consider the luckiest symbol. In the East, Asians believe that the number eight gives good fortune because it sounds like another word with positive connotations. The numbers six and nine are another lucky number that are tied to good fortune in the eastern region.

Four leaf clover is a rare variation of three-leaf clover with deeply rooted Irish origin. It is believed that four-leaf clovers bring good luck to its finders. According to legend, each leaflet on four leaf clovers represents hope, faith, love and luck. In the tattoo design, four four-leaf clovers have partnered with the horseshoe which could be the most well-known lucky charm or amulet in the west. The tradition of the horseshoe was said to date back to the Roman times when people were hanging them right on their doorstep to catch all the good luck.

Nautical star, another popular tattoo associated with luck is commonly inked by sailors in the past. A nautical star is a kind of light that guides life and, often, to bring luck. While other marine tattoo deals with different destination or trip, the nautical star is probably a symbol of homecoming for sailors. Sparrow is another symbolism design of good luck. As the sparrow is found primarily on land, it also symbolizes to sailors that they are not far from their homes.

The tattoo design is filled with many good luck symbols that can be found alone or combination of other design. As you plan to ink a good luck design, go for the symbol that suits you best and is less commonly used as a triangle. You can also look for opportunities to create your own lucky design, which is now possible with some salon galleries and online.


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