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Three Common Mistakes When Designing a Website

I like to compare our company to the Zoom Zoom Mazda & # 39; slogan. Everyone today is just zoom zoom everywhere. So, who wants to read your long explanation of well … something? Or scroll from left to right? Or even read old documents? No one. Described below are reasons and solutions to the problem.

Yes, you can have a lot of information

When you create your site, keep it simple. No need for paragraph after paragraph, simple short sentences will do the trick. Use creative catchphrases such as:

  • Custom balls make reading easier, reduce space and attract attention
  • Numbers (1, 2, 3) also do this, they drive the reader to what they want to know

Our zoom zoom company wants their information to be simple and fast. Lists with subtitles are extremely popular, as well as links to another page explaining a topic. Even if he explains something small, he is unique, easy to access and quick to read. This keeps the scroll bar longer and the page shorter. The eye of the viewer is easily lost in all this information and no one wants to scroll for ever.

Click, the click is easier and less frustrating than skimming.

Images, videos and other graphics distract when they are everywhere. They attract attention, not too much. Highlight what's important with a chart. If it's just your logo on every page, that's enough.

Yes, horizontal scrolling is incorrect

The default default Web pages for Dreamweaver are 600 (h) x 480 (w) or 640 (h) x 480 (w) and the default values ​​are 1024 (h) x 768 (w) or 550 (h) x 400 (w). These are measured in pixels, the unit of measurement used for the screen. When you stay inside these lines, you eliminate horizontal scrolling. Website viewers are already scrolling vertically and do not want to scroll horizontally. Again in our zoom zoom company that is only wasting time.

If you have horizontal scrolling, it is guaranteed that less than half of your viewers choose not to scroll. So stay inside the lines.

Yes, your site may become obsolete

Have you ever seen a website that says: Last Updated: January 2007? Or How about, Last update: January 2004? You have probably already seen something similar. In the Web world, that means three to five months. Updates are important because they show your viewers that you care about their interest. Keep their interest by maintaining and updating your website . Do not get carried away not all standard needs to be updated, but some minor additions or deletions are always good.

These three poorly arranged features can discourage viewers and rank them down. If you have too much information, horizontal scrolling and / or outdated information, you can repair it in a flash. You can also simply avoid these errors completely.


Source by Malerie Giaimo

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