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This acne no more review articles reveals my success story using this book of acne treatment. Although not perfect – nothing is perfect here, it has given me results that I 'd struggled to get for a lifetime.

I am a 30 year old man with adult acne. I had acne from my teenage period. I've tried to manage it with pills that Mom has bought from the local pharmacist. I remember having a form of temporary relief. My acne will then come and go. Their relief never lasts more than three weeks at a time.

These pills then helped to shelter me and saved me from embarrassment and ridicule at school

my system with pills and medications for a single illness. I've been looking for a permanent solution to my acne problem that never came up.

I abandoned the research and concluded that acne was just a part of my destiny. It was at this time that I came across Acne No More E book. A friend of a social network has recommended it. I have tried it and the result is the clear and flawless skin that I have now.

Although the result did not come overnight. Noticing big comes overnight. I had to stay on the course as stated in this book.

2 weeks after the start of this treatment program, acne spots began to disappear. Mike Walden, the author of this amazing ebook was on hand to guide me through the process. He answered all my questions quickly and with a touch of finesse. I think it's the best part of this book.

There is a human face. There is someone to answer you when things do not work according to plans.

It is while discussing with Mike that I discovered that he had spent more than 7 years researching acne and the appropriate treatment.


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