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Getting rid of acne can be a frustrating and expensive fight. How is it possible that no matter what acne removal techniques you apply, severe breakouts continue, month after month?

Whether you are an adult or a teenager, even the most severe rashes can be controlled. Even if you have tried what you thought to be the best acne products, facials or sumptuous button removal techniques. By following these simple steps you will see real results to get rid of acne quickly.

Clear Skin

  • Only use the best anti-acne products formulated for your skin type (or sensitive skin) recommended by dermatologists
  • See a doctor if you have constantly severe outbreaks of antibiotics
  • Avoid facials and salon removal services
  • Eliminate the use of toothpaste, aspirin masks or any other form of alternative. Acne Removal System

Get Rid of Acne

– Use a Facial Wash with Acid Gentle salicylic twice daily to remove dead cells, keep pores clean and prevent new acne from developing.

Treatment for dry skin

– Alternate between a salicylic facial wash and Spectro Jel or Cetaphil to avoid over drying your skin.

Treatment of Oily Skin

– Use a salicylic facial cleanser every time you clean, unless you feel dry or tense. Alternate with Spectro Jel or Cetaphil if necessary.

The Best Acne Treatment Products

Ask your doctor to get rid of pimples using a benzoyl peroxide, retinoid or clindamicin treatment product. Otherwise, be sure to use only the best products recommended by dermatologists. Talk with your pharmacist for more information.

Detoxification for Permanent Elimination of Acne

This eliminates inflammatory toxins from your body, which can cause relapses to recurrence.

Makeup Products

Only use oil-free, non-allergenic or non-comedogenic make-up products, and regularly clean makeup brushes.

Getting rid of acne does not have to be expensive and frustrating. The key to successful elimination of acne is patience. Follow the program long enough for the treatment to penetrate the outer layers of your skin and clean your body internally. This is the only effective solution for a healthy and clean skin permanently.


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