Getting Rid of Stubborn Chin Acne – For Good!


Are you one of those people who suffer from unsightly pimples on the chin that never seem to go away? Treating with stubborn chin acne can be very frustrating. To find the most effective solution, it is best to first understand its roots and the many treatments used against it

What Causes Chin Acne

Acne is caused by pores that are clogged with a mixture of excess oil and dead skin cells. More severe forms of acne develop when bacteria invade the pores and multiply in the interior. Hormones play a central role in acne – androgens such as testosterone trigger a reaction that causes greater oil production than usual. This is why acne breakouts are common in teenagers with raging hormones. In women, acne is also caused by a sudden spike in testosterone levels just before a period and during pregnancy. Fatty foods have also been reported to operate the oil glands.

For some people, the chin is particularly prone to acne because it produces more oil compared to other parts of the face. Neglecting to wash this area, resulting in the accumulation of oil and dirt, also leads to outbreaks of pimples. The chin is also one of the parts of the face that is in constant contact with our hands – we cut it when we are bored, we pat our fingers when we think, we even put it on the table or on the table. pillow when we are sleepy or tired. These make it easier for bacteria and dirt to find their way to the chin. Stinging or peeling pimples on the chin will also make new ones appear in the same area.

Chin Acne Treatments

As with any other acne, stubborn chin acne can be treated in two ways. The first method is to treat acne on the surface with the use of anti-acne cleansers, creams and ointments. These topical treatments work to either clear up clogged pores or kill bacteria that thrive in acne. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are commonly used ingredients in topical creams. These, however, are not sufficient to treat medium to severe forms of acne. As the skin adapts, these treatments also lose their effectiveness over time. Dry, flaky skin is also a common side effect of these treatments. Most importantly, most topical treatments only work against existing acne and do not do much to prevent new outbreaks.

A more durable solution to the stubborn acne of the chin is to approach from the inside of the skin. It means controlling the extra oil produced by the sebaceous glands so that acne does not form in the first place. Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 is an effective anti-acne vitamin both in the treatment of acne and in the management of its recurrence. Vitamin B5 prevents oil glands from functioning over time without stopping them completely. In this way, you manage to manage your acne without dry and flaky skin. It also helps break down the oil to make your skin look lighter and the pores smaller. You can combine topical treatments of acne with vitamin B5 supplements as a win-win solution against stubborn chin acne. In a few weeks, you are sure to find yourself both acne-chin and worry-free.


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