Give Her Beautiful Clitoral Orgasms With Ease


If you thought that inducing clitoral orgasm in your wife is the most difficult thing of all time, you are mistaken. Inducing a clitoral orgasm is the simplest thing provided you have the appropriate expertise.

Oral Sex

Most people do not like the idea of ​​satisfying their wife orally and they have many reasons for this. But if you can not wait to satisfy her and want to give her the best clitoral orgasm of all time, you will have to learn to satisfy her orally. Learn how to best use your tongue, your teeth and your lips during this time.

Choose a Penetration Position

Most men do not know that their position contributes a lot to the best clitoral orgasms. Here, you will have to choose a position that would stimulate her clitoris well. Positions like doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and even missionary mission or reverse missionary positions would certainly help to have the best clitoral orgasms, as these positions are well known to her clitoris.

Alternate Sensations

When you penetrate her, you must make sure that the first push enters her vagina and that for the next one, you will have to completely remove your penis from her vagina and rub it on her clit. Thus, with each push, you will alternate between penetrate with your penis and rub it against the clitoris. This would ensure that her clitoris and her g-point are taken care of at the same time. Since these two areas are well taken care of, you can rest assured that she would have the most amazing and intense clitoral orgasm of all time. This can only be done when your threats are slow and not when you enter it very quickly.

Increasing Pleasure by Combination

While penetrating her and rubbing her clit with your penis, you will need to remove her completely and satisfy her with oral sex. By doing this, you make sure that your wife's clitoris never remains numb and that her intense feelings always remain with her and lead to multiple orgasms.

With time and enough practice, you can even give him the most incredible clitoral orgasms very quickly. In short, you will need to satisfy your wife orally, then choose the right position to stimulate her clitoris and g spot, alternate between penetrate and rub her clitoris with your penis and finally make sure to satisfy her with oral sex. during the actual penetration.


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