Going to Beauty School Seen As An Attractive Career Choice


Whether you're looking to change or start a new career, becoming a cosmetologist is a rewarding option for a satisfying job in constant demand. Best of all, cosmetologists like to be part of a service company that helps others feel good about their personal appearance.

According to the American Association of Schools of Cosmetology (AACS), cosmetology and aesthetics are a growing sector that generates more than $ 60 billion a year in revenue for the beauty industry.

Depending on the state in which you plan to work, becoming a licensed cosmetologist must follow a set of practice hours and pass a state board exam in cosmetology. The number of hours of practice will vary depending on the type of services you want to provide. Licensed cosmetologists can provide a variety of personal services, including hair, nails and skin.

Cosmetology training programs provide all the training and supervision necessary to become a licensed cosmetologist. The instructors of the cosmetology programs are accomplished practitioners who have chosen to teach others the skills needed to seek employment in the beauty industry. Cosmetology programs may vary depending on their areas of specialization. Not all programs will teach all aspects of personal services for hair, nails and skin. You will find below the list of the main fields of study:

Hairstyle and design: cutting and styling hair, including coloring and use of wigs and hair extensions.

Aesthetics: study of makeup and the realization of facials, massages, hair removal and reflexology.

Nail Technology: study of the art of nails, design, tricks, shapes, envelopes and gels.

Barbering: Cutting and styling men's hair, which may include coloring and shaving and shaving of the beard.

Electrolysis: Permanent hair removal method recognized medically for the face and body.

Teacher training: instruction to prepare a cosmetologist as a teacher of future cosmetologists.

In addition to working in a trade that gives you the personal satisfaction of giving the impression to others, another benefit is that your salary can be proportional to the level and class of services you provide. If you want to go to glamor and lights, you might consider working in the entertainment industry as a hairdresser and makeup artist. If you want to run your own business, there are many opportunities to open your own salon or to work as a contractor in an established show where the level of compensation you receive depends on the clientele you attract and integrate into your practice. .

Another element to take into account, particularly in times of economic difficulty, is that cosmetology will always be a service service because hair and nails are constantly growing. Just as the restaurant business where eating is a primary human need, there is always room to eat out. Similarly, there will always be a need for hair salons and hair salons in each community. Also consider that styles change constantly and that the need to follow current trends will provide economic opportunities to those who can provide the services requested by customers.


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