Great Homemade Gift Basket Ideas For Housewarming


One of the best gifts you can offer is a homemade gift basket, and today I want to focus on large, homemade gift baskets to offer housewarming gifts. When someone moves into a new home, there is so much to do and a lot to buy … especially if you have moved out of the state and had to purge a lot of your stuff before moving.

A homemade gift basket is also a wonderful way to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood.
I want to give you some ideas for homemade gift baskets for these occasions. They are easy to assemble, can be inexpensive and will be appreciated!

For the first night of someone in his new home, include some necessities that might be helpful:
Roll of Paper Napkins
Toilet Paper
Paper Handkerchiefs
Light Bulbs
Gift Certificates for a Local Pizzeria
Map of the Area
List of Local Attractions or Places of Interest
Gift Certificate for local grocery
Laundry Items

You can pack all these things in a basket, of course, but you can also get creative and use a laundry basket, a cleaning bucket or a small bin. If you use a container larger than a basket, make sure to use a lot of crumpled paper at the bottom of the container so that the gifts are not swallowed by the size of the container.

Another great idea of ​​housewarming gift basket:
Decorative soaps
Tea towels
Table trivets
Pets they have pets
or jam
Gift Certificates for local restaurants or grocery stores
Cute "Welcome" Sign
Map of the Region
Coffee and Tea
Homemade Cookies

Make gifts in a decorative planter, a beautiful box, a basket covered with fabric, or even a magazine rack.

For a new neighbor, you probably will not know their decorating tastes, but some of the same ideas apply for a beautiful housewarming basket. You could stick to more neutral colors for items like tea towels, but so many of these items are universal and would be welcome by anyone. Homemade goodies are always a big hit, as are some basic items like coffee, tea, snacks and fruit. Anyone would accept gift certificates for local restaurants or grocery stores. You can find many items in a discount store or in a dollar type store, so it is easy and inexpensive to get creative.

Introducing a new neighbor with a wonderful homemade gift basket is a great way to introduce yourself and start building good relationships!


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