"Green" Christmas Cards for this Holiday Season


Can you believe it? Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to start choosing your greeting cards. The recipients of your cards may be exclusively friends and family, or your list may also include people related to your business, such as your collections and your customers. This year, you could consider "going green" by sending recycled Christmas cards. Once upon a time, recycled cards look recycled. Today, they are beautiful and respectful of the environment, so you send not only holiday greetings, but also an ecological message.

Recycled Christmas Cards: Yesterday and Today

When recycled greeting cards were presented to consumers, they had the same look and quality as the brown paper you found in the big ones. shops for art lovers and craftsmen. . In these old cards, you could literally see particles and stains on the recycling process, but these old recycled cards are ghosts of the past Christmas and have been greatly improved for today 's consumers.

Now you would have a hard time distinguishing the new paper used for Christmas cards from the ones made with recycled paper because they are so clean and shiny – unless you take a quick look at it. Eye on the back of the card indicates that it was entirely made from recycled fibers.

No Compromise Needed With Recycled Christmas Cards

Today, recycled greeting cards are available in a wide range of choices with a magnificent selection of styles, designs and colors. You can choose ideal holiday cards that have been recycled for everyone on your list without compromising the quality of the greetings of your season. At the same time, these recycled Christmas cards address your environmental concerns and educate those who receive your vacation wishes to the needs of our planet. You can have everything!

Christmas Photo Cards Offer Personal Contact

Many people have a tradition of sending holiday cards that feature a recent photo of their family. If it is your tradition or even that it is the first time you share photos with your loved ones during the holidays, you can choose to use recycled paper for your photo cards to reflect your concern for the environment.

You can customize your Christmas photo cards in many ways to reflect your personal style and the message you want them to make:

o Choose your model from a template and select the colors of your cards

o Upload the photo (or stills) you have chosen for your map and have it customized for size

o Select the fonts you want for your message

o Choose a pre-recorded message write for your card or compose yours that reflects your (or your family's) personalized holiday wishes while expressing your dedication to the environment using recycled material

Another good idea might be to find a website specialized in personalized greeting cards with photos (recycled paper or not). Some of these online stores offer easy steps to guide you through this personalization process with just a few mouse clicks. Of course, you will need a scanned copy of the photo for your card since you submit it online.

More tips for going green with greeting cards

There are many ways to reuse some of your past vacation memories. Some greeting cards you receive may contain a photo, message, or special letter that you want to keep after the holidays, so put them away or put them in an album for later enjoyment. Another option is to cut out some parts of these cards and make them Christmas tree decorations by puncturing them in a hole near the top and inserting a piece of string or an ornamental hanger for them. put on your tree. These cut out images can also be reused as gift tags for your presences during the upcoming holiday season.

For the holiday cards you receive, but you will not save once the season is over, you can recycle them by putting them in a bin that goes to a recycling center. Another way to reuse cards for the upcoming holiday season is to shred or cut them with scissors, pack them and use them as packaging material when you ship gifts for the end of Christmas holidays. # 39; year.

By choosing to use recycled Christmas cards, you limit your environmental impact while celebrating the holiday season with your loved ones.


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