Gridded porch designs – five regrets to avoid


The best designs of screened porches incorporate the following five design elements into the overall structure. Most people; However, they often do not realize how much each element affects the comfort and enjoyment of their porch. Before you start planning the addition of your screen porch, make sure you understand how each of them will affect your overall design. Doing so will ensure years of enjoyment.

Size – Avoid saying, "I should have built it bigger." Most people love their porch but many regret not to enlarge it. A few extra square feet can make a huge difference. You'll be using your porch a lot and you'll quickly realize that a few extra feet could accommodate recessed lights, extra entertainment space or an intimate dining area. Extra space can make room for an outdoor fireplace or even a wet bar.

Your goal should be to build the largest porch you can afford based on how you will use it over the years. If your children are small, consider how much space will be needed as they grow. If they are about to leave the house, a smaller porch could be ideal

Location – Avoid saying, "It's too hot for the afternoon" or "we can not get any privacy from our neighbors. " Before building, consider the location of the sun during the day to determine how it will affect your new addition. If you want to use it during the hottest hours of the day, consider installing it on the shady side of your house or under the shade trees, if possible. If this is not feasible, include shutters, blinds or blinds in your design to block the sun.

If you have noisy neighbors or unsightly addictions, locate your screen porch to avoid them as much as possible. What annoys you now will surely annoy you more when you try to enjoy the outdoors.

Traffic Patterns – Avoid saying, "I would have liked to find the porch of the dining room rather than the kitchen". Before building, think about how you will access the porch inside your home. Do you want guests to go through your kitchen to the filtered room or do you prefer that they access through a family or a dining room? Think about the frequency and the use of the addition of the room.

If your goal is to entertain, access to a family room might be ideal. Include a passage (or extra access) to the kitchen so that drinks and snacks can be acquired easily.

Amenities – Avoid saying, "I would have liked to include an outdoor fireplace". Today, porch designs included incorporating amenities for all types of entertainment. Many have flat screens, fireplaces, wet bars, recessed lights, outdoor fans, special lighting and more. All of this is much easier to install during the construction phase. Determine what amenities you would like to have in the planning process to avoid additional costs later.

Interview – Avoid saying, "I have never realized how much maintenance my screen porch requires". Incorporate products and materials that require a minimum of maintenance. In addition, be sure to build properly to avoid water damage – nemesis of a porch of the screen. Things like aeration of the molding, the bottom of the floor, the flashing registers and the protection of the posts are all extremely important and will help extend the life of your porch.

The extra time needed to properly design your investment pay big dividends later in years of enjoyment and added value to your home. Carefully examine all aspects of screened porch designs before building or talking to a contractor. Contractors specializing in closed porches can also help you determine the best value for your dollar. Take time to explore all your options – then build knowing that you will have the best models of screened porches.


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