Guitar Lesson – Learn to Play White Christmas with Guitar Tabs


In this guitar lesson, you will learn to read a special type of guitar tablature. We will use the song White Christmas as an example. You will learn to play melody and chords on your guitar.

Guitar tabs show you how to put your fingers on the neck of the guitar to play a song, chords or whatever.

The tabs have a stick with six lines representing the six strings on the guitar and the numbers indicating the frets to be driven.

In this lesson, we will use a tablature form with numbers that tell you which fret and which string to play. Here is an example:


The first number tells you which fret to press and the second number which string to play. These two figures tell you to press the second fret on the fourth string

Let's take a look at the first line of the Christmas Carol White Christmas and the corresponding melody written with this type of ### Guitar tabs:

(C) I dream of a (Dm) White Christmas (G7)

24 34 24 14 24 34 44 03

As you can see, the first note to play is the second fret on the four string. The last note 03 tells you to play the third string without pressing a fret.

I have also included bracketed chord suggestions in the lyrics just before the appropriate syllable.

The C-major, D-minor and G7 chords can be played as follows:

C: 35 24 03 12 01

Dm: 04 23 32 11

G7: 36 25 04 03 02 11

It is time to continue with the following tabs:

] (F) Just like the (G7) I knew (C) know

23 02 12 32 12 02 23 03

I suggest you to assign your fingers to the left hand to play specific frets on your guitar neck according to this table:

index: first fret

major: second fret

ring finger: third fret

If you use these left fingering suggestions, it will be easier for you to find your way around the neck as you can keep your left hand in a relatively fixed position while you play. It can be a little complicated at first but with practice it will soon be a natural way to play on your guitar.

Time for the following tabs:

Where the tree tops (C) (C7) and (F) children (Fm6) shine

35 04 24 24 24 23 03 35 35 35 03

The chords C7, F major and F minor6 can be played:

C7: 35 24 33 12 01 [19659002] F: 34 23 12 11

Fm6: 04 13 12 11

This is the end of the first verse :

For (C) to hear (Am) bells in the snow (F) (G7)

34 24 34 24 04 35 04

The A-minor chord can be played: [19659002] Am: 05 24 23 12 01

I suggest you memorize the melody by practicing one line at a time. Then you are ready to play the melody as soon as you find a guitar.

The following verse begins with an identical melody but the last two lines have changed.

(C) I dream of a (Dm) white (G7) Christmas

24 34 24 14 24 34 44 03

(F) With each Christmas card (G7), I (C) ) write

23 02 12 32 12 02 23 03

May your (C) days be (C7) merry and (F) bright (Fm6)

35 04 24 24 24 23 03 12

And can (C) all (C # dim) your (Dm) Christma (G7) be its (C) white

35 04 24 24 23 25 25 25

The chord C # -dim7 can be played:

C # dim: 15 24 03 22 01

In this type of guitar tablature notation you will not find any indication of the length of the individual notes. I suggest you sing the melody by memorizing the lines to get the rhythm right.


Source by Peter Edvinsson

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