Hair and Beauty Tips On A Budget


The global beauty industry has an estimated value of $ 6.2 billion, and the average woman in the UK spends an average of over £ 185,000.

With this in mind, savings can be made on the monthly beauty budget. Some of the tips below may seem extreme and some more subtle changes to a beauty routine.

Beauty tips to save money

  • Olive oil; If you have olive oil in your closet, it should be noted that olive oil can be used as a hair treatment. It can be used to treat dry or over-treated hair by applying a few drops and combing the hair just after shampooing or adding it to the conditioner.
  • Toothpaste; can be used to remove stains on the skin, i.e. The toothpaste is relatively but is a great stain remover while not harming the skin.
  • Moisturizer; Tip I've heard over the years is to buy off-season sun creams and use lightly as a moisturizer as most moisturizers contain UVA sunscreens to prevent aging. They can be used as a daily moisturizer for an excellent effect.
  • Hair coloring at home; if you have hiccups and you need to remove a previously applied color. Wash your hair with a few drops of fairy liquid to remove the color. Repeat if necessary make sure to follow a condition treatment.
  • Head lice; a good cure and preventive treatment is our tea tree oil. This oil is quite easy to buy on a budget and can be used as a natural way to protect and treat lice in young children for a fraction of the cost of dedicated lice shampoos.
  • Insect; Most insect repellents consist of a chemical called deet. One trick is to buy this in a more concentrated form and a very effective mosquito and insect spray can be done. Check the content on most insect repellents and it will give a percentage of the amount of deet inside, you will be surprised.
  • Multi-procurement; pay attention to these as great savings can be made on multiple products
  • mark down; check labels often higher branded products will be more expensive, but in reality, if you check the ingredients, you will find the same thing can be found in lower branded products that do not have the marketing and marketing budgets. advertising that they can often find cheaper.


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