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Chemically treated hair needs more care after treatment to keep the beauty of the hair longer. However it is the point of our hair treatment such as smoothing, curling or coloring. If we do not treat the hair well, three months after the chemical treatment, the beauty of a treated hair will disappear.

You can choose the maintenance of your hair between salons or at home – do it yourself. For home treatment, you need to choose your own product-product that is able to keep your hair healthy and shiny, but does not give your dandruff and allergy to the scalp.

The treatment of hair stems requires a conditioner and a mask for the hair. Both are not to apply on the scalp, otherwise you will have dirty scalp because both are difficult to flush the scalp. Dirty scalp can lead to bigger problems such as dandruff and hair loss. Pay attention!

Try these tips:
-Leave in the conditioner works best in chemically treated hair to make hair smooth and shiny

-Use a small amount of leave in the conditioner to avoid moisture. Wait 5 to 10 minutes before combining to get the best result. This allows you to get smooth hair only with a small amount to leave in the hair conditioner, prevents wet hair in the next hours after the hair dries, and avoid applying too much to leave in the hair conditioner.

-Hair masker is a great product if you use it just once a week to improve the condition of the hair stems.

-Using a hair mask as a hair conditioner tends to cause dandruff and itching to the scalp if you have not washed your hair thoroughly.

treatment after shampooing, use in the conditioner. This can be done every day. The hair mask is made once a week. When you have a hair mask treatment, you must apply a conditioner.

-Applying a conditioner before shampooing in hair irons can reduce frizz. Hair conditioner can be replaced with olive oil. Try to change your hair shampoo to a mild shampoo if you can not even wipe your hair in wet hair. It works for some people and me.

Beautiful hair is still possible to create with a simple hair treatment.


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