Hair Care Products Basics


Shampoo is the best known hair product. It removes grease and pollution and keeps locks and scalp clean. The most important thing to remember when choosing a shampoo is to consider it with your hair type and with the effect that you hope to achieve – gloss, satin, color protection, volume, and so on. The quality detergents are: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, TEA Lauryl Sulfate and TEA Laureth Sulfate. Do not pay attention to the color and thickness of the shampoo. These effects are consequential to the special additives inserted and are intended to improve the commercial presentation of the product. Whatever shampoo is accurate for your locks, you will discover it after a few weeks of application. Use mild shampoos. Those who make a lot of foam have a higher level of acidity, which dries and damages the braids.

Conditioner helps to comb the curls, increases the shine and makes it look healthy. They include moisturizing, reinforcing, nourishing components. There are two general types of conditioners – common with leave-in. They are applicable for different types and condition of hair, so it is imminent to choose the most suitable. Its active ingredients preserve the moisture longer; defend dehydrate as well as damaging. Conditioners build a shell around each hair. As a result of their continued use, the braids become satin and velvety. They protect loops from unhealthy effects of the environment and chlorinated water, improve the texture against dehydration, nourish and improve the blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the resistance to dilapidated roots, restore flexibility and shine in the mane. Due to the regular use of a high quality conditioner, the hair has a brisk, silky, revitalized appearance and has a natural volume. The precise choice of daily care products is essential for maintaining healthy, eye-filled braids. The conditioners are separated into different lines, depending on the type of hair: for normal, dry, oily, damaged, curly, chemically treated, colored.

Treatments – This category of hair care products is formulated to repair an individual problem: dandruff, hair loss, lifeless, damaged, dry, greasy, split hair. They can be masks, serums, oils, sprays, clay, and so on.

Styling products – these are actually a jewel for women and men and are mandatory for an excellent style. The most popular styling product is hair spray. The wax holds the locks but without stiffening. This thick styling paste is very famous. It gives texture, smoothness and keeps the hair colored from fading. Ointment is another excellent product that makes the curls silky and is categorically helpful for dehydrated and short hair. Styling lotions add a touch of loops. Their different styling formulas help to maintain and sculpt the hair as needed. The hair straightener is a very beneficial styling product that brings out the curls and waves. The foam increases volume and shine and makes the strands attractive and vibrant. Moisturizing foams offer fine, naturally curly hair excellent strength and fantastic shine. The gel is suitable for firming and sculpting hair. Serums are quite specific styling products. They are usually provided to manage frizz, to reduce split ends, to add shine, to improve curls.


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