Hair Care Tips to Follow


Hair can be difficult to maintain, especially if you have always had problems with your own hair. There are certain routines that need to be put in place depending on the type of hair you have.

The shampoo tends to dry the scalp. You must find the right chemically balanced product that is right for your scalp or use oils before washing your hair. The oil moisturizes and strengthens the hair follicles and also promotes healthy growth. You should also avoid washing it daily, as this may dry out the scalp.

Do not dry coarsely with the towel. You can remove part of the hair and create split ends that will give a kinky appearance to the tips. You should also consider leaving the towel on your head for less time because you have the impression that the follicles are pulled by the head. Many professional hairdressers say that it is best to use a microfiber towel or a light and thin t-shirt.

Do not brush wet hair. It will create longer split ends and it's usually not healthy for the hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair in the shower and let it dry naturally. After completely drying, you should be able to use a normal brush without creating any damage.

When removing entanglements, start with the tips and head to the top of the head. You will be surprised to learn that this is less painful and that it works three times faster without the frustration.

Always use thermal protection when using thermal products such as dryers, hair straighteners, electronic curlers and curling irons. When styling your hair, use the hair dryer so that the hair is straight and full of volume. If you use extreme heat on the roots, you risk losing your hair.

Avoid tightening your hair too firmly. Not only does it create headaches, but it also destroys the follicles. The look can be elegant, stylish and modern, but always remember that some styles only work up to a certain point.

Leave your hair loose or braid when you go to bed. The tension could cause you headaches and slowly pull the follicles.

You will notice that hairdressing salons and wholesalers in cosmetics have the best and most healthy products for the hair. This ensures that customers are satisfied with their hair after washing and styling them.


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