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There are many hair styling techniques and methods that can be used to style our hair to create a particular look. Anyway, create a strong impression on another, adapt to a certain style of dress or a mood or an opportunity. There are still some simple hairstyles that can help improve a person's appearance. Here are some common hairstyling techniques that you can apply to create many different effects:

  • Airwaves – In this style of hairstyle, you will need a styling lotion and a hair styler. With the brush and the pliers. It is best to use a gentle heat, combined with the moisture of the hair, to create a durable loop. For a more controlled style and finish, the air styler must be switched to slow speed. After your hair is washed and conditioned. Spray and abuse your hair with the styling lotion. It is then dried, looped and washed with a brush and a styler pliers.
  • Barrel Curl – This is a hair style that creates a soft ensemble and that is achieved by wrapping the hair around the fingers and then pinning them securely in place. Start by shampooing and revitalizing your hair before you start. Then apply a styling lotion to fix your hair, then paint them from root to tip. A small section of the hair is then looped into a large loop and cut in place. When the rest of the hair is curled and cut, it is removed with a hair dryer or allowed to dry naturally.
  • Crown Braid – Braiding the hair of the crown allows an interesting texture contrast. The volume of the loops can be increased by allowing the head to be tilted forward, then applied with lacquer and then pleated underneath.
  • Micro Mini Braids – A young and fresh style, ideal for teens. The hair is separated in the center and smoothed with a little wax. A strand of hair is separated on one side and then divided again into three equal parts. Braiding performs in the usual way up to the ends of the hair and is secured with the help of a small band.
  • Rope Braid – The braid is a simple braid interspersed with an elegant rope for an unusual finish.
  • Perm Hair – Curling hair or permanent hair is one of the traditional hairstyle styles. It began long ago in ancient Egypt when women of that time covered their hair with mud, used wooden stems to wrap their hair, and then used the heat of the sun to create their curls. Then, in 1934, AF Willat developed the technique of cold permanent waves. There are many types of hair perm. Body perms are described as very soft and loose waves obtained using big curlers. Root Perms gives the root zone an extra volume and volume, as well as height and scale, making it ideal for short hair leaning. The permanent spirals produce a romantic effect obtained by wrapping the hair around special long curlers. Stack Perms is a style in which all parts of the hair are permanent, with the exception of the upper part. Weaving perms are created by permeating certain sections of the hair and leaving the other parts straight to produce a naturally-looking texture and body mix that bounces especially around the face.


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