Hair Dryers Are A Girl's Best Friend


There are many models on the market. Depending on the features you need, prices can range from relatively inexpensive (under $ 20) to very expensive (over $ 150). In fact, price should not be a determining factor. What you really need to consider is your hair type.

For women with long or medium length hair, the combination of winter and the wrong hair dryer can cause hair that is dry, sticky or unmanageable. Follow these recommendations of someone who has finally learned to coax the best of his hair, please winter woes:

Start with clean, hydrated hair. Consider a deep protein pack treatment once a week.

Remember that your scalp will not produce as much oil in the winter as in the summer. Remember to change your shampoo schedule at least every two days to avoid unnecessary stress on your hair.

Use a good detangling solution before disentangling entanglements. Follow with a rebuilding treatment (often an oil formulation) to help smooth the cuticle and coat the hair shaft.

Apply your favorite hairstyle solution, whether it's a root lift for the waist or a cream to help create an elegant look.

When choosing a hair dryer, select a model with multiple heat settings (there will be really times when you do not want Nuclear Hot!) And multiple fan speeds. These options will help you better control drying and style.

Start drying your hair at the root using only your fingers, going down the hair. While people with fine hair often have their heads upside down to dry, this can create a "big hair" look on people with thick hair.

When most of the water is out of your hair, take a bristle brush with natural boar hair. Pass the brush through your hair while using the hair dryer to remove the last of the moisture. Some hairdryers even have a comb attached to the tip of the nozzle for this purpose.


Source by Julie S. Montgomery

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