Hairdressing Shears: Do You Know How to Clean and Maintain?


High quality hairdressing scissors are probably the most expensive tool in which a hairdresser will invest. With proper care, the shear will last longer and you, as a hairdresser, will have greater pleasure in every haircut. The shear of the salon cuts better and subsequently requires less sharpening. Do you clean and maintain the scissors properly?

How to clean your hairdressing scissors:

1. DAILY: After every haircut, sanitation is very important! Clean hair cutting tools with alcohol and rinse with hot soapy water. Make sure to remove all the hairs on the blades and in the pivot area. Then, dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use a hair dryer. Allow the tools to dry before putting in a case or shear bracket. It becomes second nature once you get in the habit.

2. WEEKLY: At the end of each work week, clean your haircut tools as you would do every day, then apply professional shear oil and lubricant to the swivel area. Apply the oil and lubricant with the open living scissors, then open and close several times to disperse the oil. Store hair cutting tools, closed blades, in a shear case or stand

Do's and Don'ts

Always store your hair cutting tools in a shear case or stand. Do not put anything else in the holster besides your salon scissors. Other items can rub against the blades and cause damage.

Have sharpened hairdressing scissors as needed. If they bend their hair, slip their hair or if the tips are not cut, it is probably time to have them maintained. Find a reputed technician who is a factory-certified pencil sharpener.

Use a separate container in your work area to store your hair cutting scissors. Do not put them in a container with other salon tools, such as combs, tongs and brushes. These items can cause nicks and scrapes on the blades, which reduces shear performance.

Do not drop the hairdressing scissors! This is the most common reason to damage hair cutting tools. If you drop your scissors and you think they've been damaged, do not use them until you have your shears repaired by a licensed sharpener.

A busy work schedule will make you feel that you do not have the time to clean and maintain your salon scissors, but over time you will enjoy the benefits. Becoming compatible with cleaning your professional hairdressing scissors will increase your haircut enjoyment, experience less fatigue in your hands as well as increase the shelf shear life. Enjoy the difference of well-maintained hairdressing scissors.


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