Halloween Activities For Those Seeking Personal, Spiritual Or Psychic Development


It is said that Halloween is the time of year when the veil between this world and the other is the thinnest. I believe that it is certainly the moment when the spirit is made known more easily. Some traditions argue that the spirit of dead souls throughout the year does not pass to the next until Halloween. I do not think that's strictly the case. I saw the spirit when given the opportunity, either immediately after death, or later, when conditions were good and they could be guided.

However, as it takes some person, or a group of people, and good energy to help the earth spirit, (not to mention that they are here and know that you can do something) there are probably a lot of poor souls who are stuck here and who are not detected. not helped. Maybe they are the ones who are able to make the transition to this time of year when the contact between the worlds is said to be easier. I've often seen a lot of spiritual beings hanging around, almost like they were waiting for a bus, in the days leading up to Halloween. So, as an unusual Halloween activity, if you have an unwanted ghost guest in your house, Halloween would be the perfect time to get help to move them.

As an aside, Halloween is a period of endings so at this time of year, it is common to find that those who have suffered from the disease for a while can spend this life at peace.

Other Halloween activities for those who develop their psychic abilities

You are on a path of psychic development, it's a good time to work on the development of your skills. The energy is brilliant for this, although I advise against undertaking advanced activities such as trance mediumship or sessions for the very first time. It would be best to do this a few times before this time of the year in order to get used to it when the energy is less strong. I would certainly not encourage you to participate in any council or other activities that could be considered "board games" (eg, table tilting), unless they are regular activities and you know how to manage them. your spiritual guides and psychic protection are the key here). These can attract lower level entities that may be more playful and, in rare cases, malicious. Unless you are experienced and working with a group of trusted friends DISCOVER THIS WORK AT HALLOWEEN.

You may think that I am dramatic, and perhaps I am, but prevention is better than cure. What Halloween activities can you do? Psychometry, dowsing, card reading and other forms of divination such as divination work very well with the energy of Halloween so work instead on these techniques.

Going out and warming up with a good old campfire is a great activity for Halloween. It's a good time to meditate or take a look, even if I find the energy of Halloween buzzing (and not really relaxing), you can also use it to help you access to spiritual insights, universal laws, and past life experiences. Halloween is a time to go from the front

In terms of personal development on Halloween, do not be surprised if long-held beliefs are disputed, or the problems come to the head. It is a time when relationships end, attachments are cut off and new starts are in the air, they can be big or small. It can be difficult but good for everyone, finally. Use this energy to ban long-standing bad habits, thoughts, or negative opinions.

If you think you have things to let go, even if your heart does not want it, why not try the next exercise? (or it may be a modern Halloween ritual)

  • Write down what you think you would like to get rid of
  • Make a list of reasons to get rid of it then make a list of reasons to keep it. You can misjudge what you really want. Remember that it is not the number of things on the list that counts, it's just a way of clarifying things for you, and a great reason could very well be going on over four or five smaller!
  • Now, ask yourself: I want it to be part of my life now?
  • If the answer is "yes" then it is fine. But you may want to reassess things in a few months to be sure.
  • If the answer is "no," then you will probably want to do something about it. Make a plan, it does not have to be huge, just one or two steps that will allow you to eliminate the "thing" you no longer want. Then gather the lists and get rid of them. Try to shred, tear or burn them. As you do, consider throwing away the thing you no longer want in your life. Then take a shower or bath and leave all the thoughts of the & # 39; thing & # 39; to be taken to the sewers. (I think burning is the best thing to do on Halloween, if you can. It gives this process an air of importance and ritual and speaks strongly to your subconscious and encourages the process of letting go. taken.)
  • Be positive and struggle to make positive changes. Do not dwell on "give up" or "let go". And do not fight if you slip into old habits, just reaffirm your desire to let go of the "thing" and take it every day as it comes. Because every moment of your life is "now", concentrating on doing something now, you practice doing it at every moment of your life

and have fun. It's really a moment of spiritual significance, but most of our traditional pagan festivals were to come together as families and communities, to have a party and a treat. So, to keep the tradition and make sure you have fun in your life, it would be rude to ignore this Halloween item.


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