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As the owner, you know that something must always be repaired in the house. You might need a painted wall, a new fixture installed or a roof attached. If you do not have the time or the ability to do it by yourself, you might need the home repair services of a handyman.

The home repair service industry is now an important industry. This is because many people prefer to call a handyman or a skilled craftsman to do minor repairs at home. Older or retired people living alone often need the services of a handyman. Of course, there are handymen who are perfectly capable of doing repair and maintenance work at home. However, even DIY enthusiasts may need the skills of a plumber or electrician for more complicated tasks.

Handyman vs. Home Improvement Specialists

A handyman and a home improvement specialist can operate their own business but the home improvement specialist is required to have a contractor's license . That's why hiring a contractor to do the same thing will cost more than if a handyman had to do the job. This is also why licensed professionals sometimes refuse small home repair work. If you need someone to paint a room, install new shelves or repair a dry wall, call a do-it-yourselfer. To build a new addition to your home or repair a staircase, you will need the home repair services of a carpenter or a licensed contractor.

Repair work of a home handyman

Affordable and practical option for small household repairs. He is a jack of all traders who can perform small maintenance and repairs that a carpenter, plumber or electrician would perform normally, but at a lower cost. A handyman is good with his hands. He is usually self-taught, having acquired his experience and know-how at home and reading habitat improvement manuals.

Replacing all of your plumbing system or more complicated electrical wiring should be done by a licensed professional.

However, you can hire a do-it-yourselfer to perform simple tasks like emptying storm sewers, repairing a leaking faucet or shelves. A handyman can also handle more complex tasks like installing a water heater or replacing roof shingles.

Where to Find a Handyman

Many do-it-yourselfers work alone, setting up an "office" in their own homes. People you know may be able to recommend a good handyman for home repair services. You can also search online for a handyman in your area. There are many companies and franchises for handyman services. You can call on them if you need repair or housekeeping services.


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