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If you are considering entering the lucrative trades of a handyman, it is likely that you have already acquired lots of tools to get you started. The key to becoming successful in the field is still being prepared. As such, we have created a list of essential tools that all do-it-yourselfers should possess.

Hammer: At 16 oz. Curved claw hammer with a rubber grip is great for jobs that may require a good amount of time to complete.

Saw: A smaller cross-cut hand saw will handle most of the work you can do. The smaller size is recommended so that it can fit into a medium sized toolbox.

Stapler: They can be very useful in a difficult place.

Screwdrivers: A simple game containing both standard flat blades and Phillips heads will almost always do the trick. To start, there are also models that include a variety of blades mounted in a main handle.

Tape: The old adage is true: tape can fix everything.

Drill: Both electric and wireless will do the trick. A variety of drills is also recommended.

Level: Even the least expensive level will help your work to come out straight as an arrow.

Pliers: A pair of base pliers will always be useful for squeezing, loosening and holding all kinds of pieces.

Key: Adjustable crescent shaped keys can give an extra muscle load to tighten and loosen a variety of nuts and bolts.

Rule: The tape measure is always a practical device! Compact, precise and very useful at work.

Utility knife: To cut various objects you encounter. Make sure you buy a model with replaceable blades.

Glue: Never underestimate the power of a good glue.

Fasteners: Buy a few variety packs at your local home improvement store and you'll have everything you need in this regard.

Sandpaper: See above.

Lubricant: You will never run out of useful ways to apply WD-40. Incredible stuff.

Flashlight: A rechargeable and compact flashlight is an invaluable tool.

Toolbox: A lightweight, plastic toolbox usually contains most of the above, plus everything you can add. There are even some models that serve as seating!

Plunger: The best friend of plumbers can also be yours … we have created a list of essential tools that every handyman should own. Especially if you need it.

I hope this list has given you a basic idea of ​​the tools required for various do-it-yourself jobs. Do yourself a favor and check your local hardware store for ideas and early models.


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