Has Christmas become too commercialized?


Christmas. Has it become too commercial?

Probably the most popular time of the year for many. In England, there are the typical traditions synonymous with the season of goodwill, such as repeated rehearsals of classic TV episodes, the Queens speech and the mandatory list of films that are always shown on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. . We have become the mainstay of British Christmas for many years and even though we say that they are boring and boring, we would not want to have it any other way. It's part of the Christmas ritual for many people.

At the turn of the twenty-first century, however, there are new traditions that are infiltrating into society. Now, we have to suffer the heinous spectacle of the hype around which the rejection of talent will become number one on Christmas charts and who has been invited to the Beckhams Christmas party.

It seems that somewhere the holiday message has been lost and replaced by the fear of celebrity hit, the materialistic attitudes that are of more concern than the joy surrounding the Christmas period.

Christmas has now become a massive marketing event where companies can advertise their products as a Christmas present. Probably the main representatives of this are the companies in the game console industry. Microsoft and Sony both market their products (the Xbox360 and the Sony PlayStation 3) to coincide with the Christmas season so that the masses of kids require them from their parents. Many kids are now getting a new games console right out, no matter the price.

One has the impression that the interest for Christmas is now past what the season is supposed to represent and has become a marketing product. Targeted event where consumer goods are in high demand and businesses will try to make profits during the end of the year holidays.

It would be good to see the old traditions come back and celebrate Christmas for the right reasons and not as a business opportunity. People still enjoy traditional ceremonies to light Christmas lights on major streets across the country, such as the Christmas lights at Oxford Street, London, which are erected by Piggotts. Making these opportunities more important would be a good way to improve people's Christmas spirit and make them aware of the importance of the holidays.


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