Hashtags and the interior design industry


In simple terms, the hash sign is represented visually by the symbol "#", and by placing the symbol in front of a word (or series of words) on a social network, it transforms that word into a brand metadata. . In plain English, the "#" symbol turns the word immediately following into a searchable term that can be used on this site or social network, which is activated by someone who clicks on this hashtag. And, we are still here. It seems like, as we could do, we can not free ourselves from the omnipresent eye of this monstrous social media. In fact, it is believed that the use of hashtags started on the very popular social media platform, Twitter. The first Twitter users found a way to avoid having to sort through lots of random conversations to come up with what they saw as the "meat" of the proverbial information overload. usual.

It was not long before companies this growing phenomenon and decided to take advantage of its trend influence. Campaigns featuring new products are heavily decorated with inventive and captivating hashtags. This is especially true when it comes to interior design. The nature of the existence of the house and the decor depends strongly, if not totally, on the visual impact. In the space of a few seconds, attention is captured and it does not take long before the viewer is drawn into a fantasy-like trance-like game. The use of hashtags in this sense gives homeowners and lay decorators the benefit of an abbreviated narration or description of the contents of a photo. The effective use of hashtags gives these same viewer search options as well as succinct answers to questions that may arise about a particular artifact used in a photo. For example, when publishing or advertising a photo of a decorated room, the blogger / advertiser can use a hashtag to give information about the craftsman who built the headboard or can give the name of the pattern used on the damask. [19659002] Some key hashtags used in interior design are "instadecor", "instadesign", "instastyle", "walldecor", "patternmix", "renovation", "designprocess", "NewYork", "Miami" , "California", "instaretail", "styleblog", "photooftheday" … the list goes on …

The interior design industry continues to be a mirror of what happens in all other industries. With widely accepted nuances such as the use of hashtags in social networks and marketing, we are fortified with even more resources and ways to turn dreams into reality.


Source by Yana Pojidaeva

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