Headband How To – Create a Sexy, Simple Hairstyle With Headbands


The headband is a simple hair accessory that offers women an easy and surefire way to create a look that's both fresh and pretty; just throw one over and you can immediately look folded together without being too picky or too formal. Throwing on a headband is an easy way to deal with a bad day of hair (and / or lazy), and a great alternative to your average ponytail. And if you throw on a shiny headband, then you look a little dressed. It's easier and, questionable, sexier than the standard updo. Try to wear a headband at night, paired with a sexy smokey eye, or you can put on a thin, glittering band during the day with your favorite t-shirt or tank top. Who does not like a little glamor juxtaposed with a casual outfit?

The headbands are incredibly affordable; considering their low cost, you can take two or even three to give you some choices by trying this look. Wear them one at a time, or pair them for more fun. How to make the banner really fresh? The trick is to make sure you have a lot of messy volume in the hair behind the group. Follow these three simple steps to create this sexy style:

  1. Turn your head around, to create volume and allow access to the roots of your hair.
  2. Peel off – apply volumizing cream or spray on roots for extra hold and body.
  3. Finally, remove your hair back; If your hair is short, twist and pinch your locks, and if your hair is long, pin them in a messy bun. Slip on your headband to smooth the front down, and voila! You are ready to leave. What could be easier?


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