HGTV Home Town – A Mississippi Review


On Sunday, January 24 on HGTV, a pilot project for a new series was launched. The name of the show is Home Town. I am enthusiastic about Home Town because it takes place in Laurel, Mississippi, which is 2 1/2 hours away where I live.

The lounge broadcast at 11:00 on Sunday, which means that the majority of the population in Mississippi was at the church. I put on my DVR and started watching the minute I was home from attending the University Baptist Church in Starkville, Mississippi.

In this article I share general information about Home Town, what I liked about the show and what I questioned about the show. (Note that I do not say that I did not like certain aspects of the show. Instead, I ask questions about why something was done in some way.)

About the show (by HGTV website

Erin and Ben Napier love their little hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, especially the old historic houses. They keep the character of these classical houses, but provide them with modern and affordable upgrades. "Erin's imaginative artistic drafts at Ben's personalized work, this couple brings Laurel's homes back and makes sure What the future of their small town is as bright as its past.

HGTV Home Town: A Mississippi Review

7 things I loved the most about the show Home Town.

The Napiers so And a friendly couple who manage in the small town of Mississippi. Erin grew up in Laurel and met Ben at college. Erin and Ben have an excellent presence at the camera and are clearly interested in their city. They are cute together and work well in front of the cameras.

1- Hand drawings

During the day of real estate, Erin showed handmade drawings of potential home renovations. I really liked it because the couple did not have to imagine the renovations, they could actually see it! The public could also see his drawings on the screen with pastel colors. Very cool.

2- Murals on the side of the buildings

The murals that Erin designed for the town of Laurel were exceptional. It was fun to see a time span of the mural painted on the building that is next to the Amtrak train tracks. Erin is very talented and the designs have really improved the buildings. Welcome to Laurel, all of you This information is only available in French. , "said Ben, when he removed the brick from the porch before.

" Good taste does not have to cost a lot of money

This is the place where you can find the best of the best cars in the world. , The Napiers drove an old Chevy blue truck was charming and would not be far to see on the road in the small town of Mississippi My only concern is that most people do not drive trucks without air conditioning

5- Keeping the local

During the show, Napiers spoke to help the community One On and one couple at a time. In addition, they also used local workers for home renovations and even local stores for interior decoration.


"I want to build something that tells a story," Ben said as he was building the table. The wood comes from the house of the grandfather's buyers (I think) and made a table and a wooden kitchen island. Ben 's goal was that the buyer was crying because of what the painting meant, and he succeeded! It was so sweet.

7- Sidewalks

Absolutely loved that the Napiers walk on the sidewalks in the historic part of town. The visual of the little town of Mississippi with the magnolia was perfect. Instead of the hustle and bustle of a big metropolis, I am glad that Home Town is about another side of Americana – the small town.

Things I Question

I adored the show and wanted More! The 3 things I am asking are not derogatory or negative. Rather, I ask questions about why something happened.

1- Sewing on the Porch

It's hot in the Mississippi, especially in May and June. Moisture alone would keep you inside when sewing. I'm not sure I saw someone sewing on a porch. If a large space is needed, we will highlight the pads for the large formal dining table and sew it. My grandmother who lived in a 3-room house was going to clear a room and hang a quilting frame in that 1 room to sink. The quilting frame took up the whole room. That was 35 years ago, and I think she had an air conditioning unit at the time.

2- Entertainment on the porch

Full Statement – I do not understand outdoor summer weddings in Mississippi. Therefore, the idea of ​​having a party out on a porch is not an option personally appealing to me. Do people really have fun on the porch? Maybe if I had a historic home, I could do it. But, I never attended a rally on the porch except 35 to 40 years ago. At my grandmother's house (35-40 years ago), we sat on the porch and under the tree because her 3-room house was too small to fit the whole family. Today, we would probably gather in one of our biggest houses.

3- Diversity

Because I live in Mississippi, I feel comfortable talking about this issue. The only African American I remember seeing in the show was the Mayor. Anyone who grew up in Mississippi will have friends from other races, use people from other races and will see other races when buying locally. I would have thought that the producers would at least have had some African American friends on the porch at the end of the renovation.

Overall, I thought Home Town was a success! Congratulations to Erin and Ben Napier in Laurel, Mississippi for an excellent pilot show. I hope that HGTV resumes the show, and we will see a lot of Erin and Ben.


Source by Kathleen C Olivieri

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