Hiring a Magician, The Real Secrets – Honesty From a Dishonest Profession


With over fifteen years of experience as a professional magician in England, I will give you the real secrets of hiring a high quality magician for your event, and how to avoid the wizards of poor quality who could do more damage than

The jargon of simple wizards, the three main types of wizards:

o A wizard who performs card tricks, coin tricks and smaller towers The "street magic" style, either near tables or in a reception / drinks mix environment, is called a Close Up magician, a table magician, a wandering magician or even a street magician.

o A magician performing magic on stage or in a lounge environment is simply known as a stage magician. Lounge magician or cabaret magician.

o A magician who practices reading the mind or "Derren Brown Style Magic" is known as a mind reader, a mind reader, a psychological illusionist or a mentalist

. gold at an event ny, it is crucial if you not only want to provide entertainment for your event, but to enhance the atmosphere and give it that unique advantage, choosing the right wizard can be a little more difficult than what the We could imagine. A high quality magician with years of experience will not come particularly cheap, so here are my best tips to make sure you get the best value for money. Where the magicians are concerned – you really get what you pay for.

Ask Google or any search engine for a wizard in your local area, and ruthlessly spewing brain overload of potential big wizards, child wizards, wizards, entertainers, readers mind, comedy magicians, illusionists, jugglers and others – but who do you choose? How do you choose them? And, how do you know that they will be the vital ingredient for your event?

If you have already started your search for a magician, you will see a lot of advertisements on their websites the same buzzwords as "unforgettable," "unique". , 'World Class Magician', 'Absolutely Amazing', 'Perfect for your event', etc etc, but what is the part of it, and how much Is it fiction? You'll soon learn how to separate the truth from the embellished truth

First, decide exactly what kind of magician you think is best suited for your event. To help you use search engines to find the right magician for your event, use the terms "magician jargon" and the following to make your search easier. If you want a magician who can mingle with your guests in a drinks-type environment, you will need to search for magicians closely in your area; If you need a wizard for a ball or dinner, the same search terms or table wizards instead of nearby wizards in your area will give what you need, have a wizard who works around the courses does not pose any problem to the professional. Fans may have trouble organizing their entertainment around the meal. If you are looking for a wedding magician, again you really need someone who specializes in weddings, not particularly someone who does the "shebang whole" like this – as the old saying goes, do not go too thin. Wizards who claim to be able to do everything from fire magic to illusions and children's parties may not have spent as much time as they need on the specific area they need. I strongly suggest not to engage a magician closely who is also having children's parties, unfortunately there are many children's entertainers, but many think that the same rules apply to entertaining children that entertaining adults – in fact it's a completely different game. Both are highly specialized arts.

Many children will learn basic magic tricks and try to do magic closing exercises from their children's parties. Ideally, if you want a children's artist, find someone who specializes only in children's entertainment and if you want an adult magician to find someone who exclusively performs high quality magic for them. adults. Maybe you want a cabaret magician, or a stage-type entertainment, there are a lot of genres here; mind reading, comedy, standing magic, hypnotism, illusions, Tommy Cooper's wizards, etc., think what would be best for your event and your guests – If you think your public would appreciate a comedy magician, search around comedy magicians in your area, a big tip here is to make sure that they have at least one video of their performance, there is nothing worse than a wizard of unfunny comedy! If you know the type of people at your event are not the ones who like to be in the spotlight, a hypnotist is definitely not for you! The good stage magicians and illusionists are usually pretty good, but it's usually an old-fashioned entertainment that will not suit everyone. Traditional illusionists and stage magicians are ideal if you have international guests because they have "non-patters" acts that are only played by the music. A good mind reading show can be extremely impressive, it can be completely disconcerting, entertain all the audience and even be very funny, but there are a lot of boring reading shows and not all themed minded to the family audience when there are children the public, again check references and videos.

Once you know exactly what you want for your event, and maybe even a style that will best fit your engagement, you may want and magician up close modern, take a quick look look at various websites until you come across a few that you think would be ideal for your event. Pay attention to style and image – If it's a black tie event, you probably do not want a magician who wears jeans, t-shirts and other casual clothes, if you have a young hip crowd, maybe you want the pretty young magician who dresses more laid back. Maybe you want to do magic and stage magic, see if they offer both services – many will give you a great package for both.

It is sometimes better to hire someone who does not play in your area. Wizards have a "one-off tax all over" to occur anywhere in the country, so you have not landed with a huge travel expense in addition to the cost of running.

Every wizard's website should have; authentic references and testimonials of high quality, photographs – not just studio photos but real pictures of performance, a video if possible to give you a better idea of ​​what they're doing and finally they should you present all the information experience. He should tell you how long they have been performing, the great places and businesses they have worked for and what distinguishes them from the crowd. When contacting your list of wizards, make sure you include all the necessary information about your event; including the type of event, the time, the date, the place, the number of guests, and if you have an idea of ​​the budget you have allocated to a magician, mention it also .

Sometimes when you search for a wizard, pop up with various wizards and alternative entertainment, remember that agents usually charge about 15% commission, so you could end up paying more through the intermediary of D & C. An agent. Sometimes it is better to cut the middle for a single artist. If your event requires multiple acts from different branches of entertainment, agencies are usually the best way to manage your entertainment, but most wizards can recommend colleagues who work well together if you want to hire several wizards.

In professions where there are still cowboy services, there are very few "cowboy wizards", however, there is a great variety of quality. The easiest way to find good quality wizards from inferior magicians is to pay for them. A full-time professional will work hard on his job, he has the experience and skills required, dedicating his life to magic, his fees reflect that and his clients will pay the fees each time for unbeatable service. At the other end of the spectrum, you have the amateur, the debut guy, or the "seasoned professional" who may have to retire when his tie comes out in fashion in 1963. These are usually Weekend lovers who will do the work for you and will not charge you much. While every magician has to start somewhere, do not settle for anything less than the best in professional high quality magic entertainment. It takes a long time to become a good magician, amateur magicians could potentially ruin your event, they might make a remark about guests who are not well taken care of, their magic might not be very good or they could be extremely unsuitable dressed for your event. The full-time professional magicians must excel in all aspects of performance and human skills, usually you can not go wrong with a full-time professional who has all the good references that I've described above.

An hour or two, usually two hours for a hundred or so guests, is the best bet, giving the magician enough time to see as many people as possible.

Once you have your questions, do it by phone or email, here is the difficult part – what will we choose? Unfortunately I can not make this decision for you, usually the best wizards will be in the same price range, as I mentioned above – cheap wizards will usually be hobbyists or part-time wizards . will make your event a mile. Magic is a very special art form, the best magicians are not only good at magic, they are also excellent with people and it comes with many years of experience.

Like all rules, there are of course exceptions. guide, I'm sure you will find the perfect match for your event. Magic is one of the most entertaining, fascinating and fun enhancements for any type of party, wedding or corporate event – not only does it captivate all ages, but it can also bring people closer, even help sell products or elevate the atmosphere of an event. A fantastic magician can be a giant icing on the cake.

Good luck for your event, and I hope it is a huge success!


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