Holiday Beauty: Make Up and Cosmetics Tips


The end of the year holidays are here, so it is time to evaluate your beauty and skin care needs. To make sure your appearance and feeling are the best instigators of your appearance for Christmas activities, events, family reunions and New Year celebrations.

Make this holiday season a personal list of things that you can do, for example by making you redraw your hair and makeup, so as not to look like a creature from another era.

Here you'll find beauty, make-up and cosmetics tips for your look and feel during the holidays and during the winter season.

CLEANING The skin properly, especially the face, is fundamental to good skin care. Oil-based makeup, which is preferred by those with drier complexes, must be removed with oil-based cleansers. Never go to bed without removing makeup and cleansing your face thoroughly.

BEFORE makeup is applied, a moisturizer must be applied to the face and neck after thorough cleansing. Moisturizers will keep you younger with smoother skin. The best time to apply the moisturizer is just after washing or taking a shower, when the skin is wet and the moisturizer can seal the moisture.

FOUNDATION is very important for the overall beauty of one. Foundation is used to improve the color of the complexion. Choose a foundation to match your complexion. The use of the right base makes your skin flawless and smooth. Choose the hue closest to your complexion by testing it on your jaw line. When applying the foundation, be sure to blend it into the hairline and the neckline to achieve a uniform tone. Define the basics by brushing it with loose powder that matches the base and color of your skin.

LIPS is particularly beating in bad weather. A good lipstick will moisturize the lips and protect them from the sun without interfering with the final shine or finish of the lipstick. Keep your kisses hydrated with vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly or lip balm or lip gloss.

NAILS that are beautiful will certainly enhance your overall festive appearance. Our nails are designed to protect the fleshy fingertip and help us handle small objects. Remove the dirt lodged under the nails. The nails are polished with a pad. This improves blood circulation and gives the nails a shine. Two layers of nail polish and a finishing coat later.

MEN should make sure that they always look neat, especially during the holidays. A man should be elegant and elegant in his dressing room. If you wear a beard, it should be carefully trimmed. The whiskers must also be cut. Cut nails and rub hands if necessary. Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.

The above steps will definitely be a way to make your vacation happy and bright.


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