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Suffering from acne is not easy, people will often see you as a contagious disease that they caught too close to them. It's really and honestly wrong. You often limit yourself to certain social activities for which no one will look at you in a funny way. As a former acne sufferer, I know what it's like to lock yourself up so no one will see you. Let me share with you some acne home treatments that have helped clean my skin.

  1. Clear skin is first and foremost the most important. Acne is caused by the fouling of dirt on the surface of the skin, it mixes with bacteria and oils and clogs the pores. That's why it's important to keep skin clear to get rid of excess dirt and oils. Wash your skin at least twice a day with a mild cleanser that exfoliates your skin without drying it out.
  2. Keep hands away from areas infected with acne. The less dirt on the skin, the better. If you get more dirt on your skin, as a result of rubbing by hand or similar activities, this will only make your acne worse by making your skin more agitated.
  3. Avoid spending too much time in the sun. Many people believe that the sun will help heal your acne, but it's just the opposite. The sun, however, will bring temporary relief by drying your pimples, the radiation will damage your skin. So, to be sure, avoid spending too much time in the sun or make sure to wear sunscreen protection.

Although the above seems to be common sense, you know the old saying goes, common sense is not so common. Especially when it comes to clearing out acne outbreaks. The best way to cleanse your skin and put an end to acne is to use home treatments against acne. They are safe and natural, and best of all, you probably already have everything you need at home.

Keep reading for the best advice I can give on home acne treatments.


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