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You're finally here – you did it! It's time for you to get the house of your dreams. This large binder filled with magazine clippings – a collage of colors, textures and designs – can finally be put into a custom and consistent home design for you.

Now, maybe you think you know exactly what you want and all you have to do is hire an entrepreneur to take your vision and build it. For a project of such magnitude and importance, it is best to hire an architect to manage the design and work with the contractor.

Why? Because an architect brings some things to the table so that the house of your dreams becomes just that. What are these special qualifications and how do you know that you are getting the right person for the job?

Here are some things to look for and questions to ask yourself when shopping for an architect to bring your custom interior to life:

1. Is it allowed in your state?
Architects must obtain a license to work in any state. If your "architect" does not have one, he's really just a designer. The difference is not just the piece of paper, it's the skill and knowledge needed to get this license.

2. Can you see examples of his work?
Whether on paper or in person, you always want to see the finished products of your architect. This is important not only to make sure that it does a quality job, but that you like it too. If a majority of his work is contemporary chic and you want a traditional colonial, can he manage it?

3. Is there enough insurance liability?
Any licensed architect will have his own insurance, but you should see enough to comfortably cover your custom home design. Insurance is another difference between architects and designers – the architect is required to wear it when the designer does not have any rules regarding liability. Typically, it is the customer who must subscribe a font on the project when a designer is used.

4. Does he have time for your project?
This is the house of your dreams and you have waited and waited to see the day. Now that your custom home design is about to be completed, you want an architect who will deal with it with the personal attention and time that you know that he describes.

5. What services can he provide and what will you need?
Architects can do as little or as much as you want. He can write the plans and finish with the project, but it's a better idea to have him work with the contractor throughout the process to make sure his plans are followed exactly.

Your architect can negotiate contracts, manage the construction site, set the budget, manage it and much more. If you are comfortable with the architect, it will be easier to give him the freedom to manage the entire project. Of course, he will discuss with you on important issues. But you do not really have the time to micro-manage, is not it?

Hiring an architect to breathe life into your custom design home is a good idea. Whether you engage through a business or an individual, always question the person who will do the work, make sure that it is clear about your vision and that you can work together. Once the rental is done, you can relax a little and know that the house of your dreams is in good hands.


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