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Where do you start designing a custom design house? The design file.

Do you know what you want? Do you know what you need? These are two very different questions with very different answers. Whatever your budget, you will need to understand. You will have to find a list! We, in the profession of designer, we refer to the term "Design Brief", which can be composed of a scratched list on the back of an envelope, a 30-page document with inserts magazines, sample plans and paint samples.

The more complete your design file, the easier it is to find customized custom home design solutions. Some people like to keep their file very open, leaving the designer to find the perfect design. While those with finely honed psychic powers can accomplish this task, it's like trying to shoot down a moving target in the dark. It's a process that leads to high expectations on the part of a customer – especially if the designer has been crazy enough to promise such a miracle – and usually ends in a disappointment.

Having a good design record does not mean that you have to develop a plan as such, it's the job of the designers! But do not hesitate to express your own creative talents if you want to start developing a preliminary plan. Thumbnail sketches are good! Nobody expects you to be an architect. A plan does not have to be on the scale, it is important to have a concept of the kind of spaces you will need. A bubble chart with labeled circles for the rooms is a good starting point.

I describe the design process of my clients as being a puzzle – they provide the individual pieces and I put it all together for them to create the overall picture. Custom home design does not need to be translated as "on the top" and expensive. I've designed many modest homes that perfectly combine the features you need with some special features to make your home a unique, individual home and a reflection of the client's personality.

Your memory should really include some basic elements: room types, room sizes, vehicle accommodation, how you want spaces to interconnect, overall size of the house, budget, exterior areas, other structures , swimming pools, etc. To be taken into account, furniture sizes, ……. the list can be as detailed as you like. Include your "wish list" items but realize that the budget will dictate how much you can include in the final design of the house. Remember that designers are usually very visual people, so the more photos you have to communicate your ideas, the better.

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