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The recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas also showed that flat-screen TVs are all the rage. They are becoming thinner and also have more design options such as color and attractive booths. Many designers who have already done everything to hide them now admit defeat and realize that technology toys are a source of pride for most consumers and that they want to expose them to the fore. Even though I admit that I have hidden them in built-in wardrobes and wardrobes in the past, I find that it's easier to incorporate them into the design nowadays. The fact that they are so thin and that they can be hung on the wall is a huge advantage. In addition, many companies have taken the trend and there are many attractive storage options for components.

I know it's tempting to buy one at the moment the price is right, but if you want your new technical toy to fit more easily into your home, keep a few things In the spirit:

  1. Size : Largest is not always better. You should buy a TV that works best in your home, which means taking into account the viewing distance. How far are you sitting on TV? CNET has some good tips to share on this topic.
  2. Location: Where is your cable hookup and are you ready to move it where you think the TV looks best? Will the windows light shine on the TV? Do you want to be able to see the TV in the kitchen?
  3. Height: Whether you hang the TV on a wall or place it in a cabinet or stand, the correct viewing height is critical. You do not want to crane to see the TV. The middle of the TV should be aligned with your eyes. For a person who is about 52 "above the floor, consider all the family members and average.
  4. Reagents: This TV looks pretty sleek, but it does not look like this. is not it? because you still need to connect the cable box, TiVo, stereo, DVD player, speakers and computer.Where will they go?

Basically, you can buy a stand, someone If you remember that all these options will cost more: the stands are your cheapest option and there are some very nice ones.

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