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When you have a budget, everything seems difficult. Buy new clothes or repair the headlights of your car – even go to a movie stand as a big decision that needs to be planned. So, when you need to re-design your living room, it's easy to feel stressed by thinking about all the details that need to be taken into account.

This is not a simple task and it is particularly difficult to complete a tight budget. Usually, when a task like this is undertaken, there is a specialist engaged to do the dirty work of researching your ideas, translating your thoughts and theories into something physical that you can sit and watch be created. Unfortunately, this is not the case for someone on the budget.

You need to ride and fill shoes that would normally be filled by a professional. You must do the research

yourself, translate your own thoughts into something tangible and see if it's going well. You will have to be creative and think outside the box. You are your own interior designer now. No safety net.

The imagination, creativity and open-mindedness will work wonders in this process. You will learn how to turn a piece of bric-a-brac into a work of art, an old lamp into a fashion statement, and fix an old piece of furniture to work like when you got it. There is so much to learn, transform, create and combine when designing your living room. If you have the will, with or without money, you will have the way.

Before you start decorating your living room, you should detail the project:

What is your general idea of ​​what your room will look like, ie what theme are you looking to duplicate?

What do you already have at your disposal and what will you need to buy new? Among the materials you already have, what will have to be replaced due to wear? (This will require a thorough investigation of all your furniture and decorative assets.) What tools will you need to do the job? This includes special materials, cleaning supplies or measuring devices that will be needed to borrow or buy? Setting a goal for your completion date, following a schedule will help you move forward quickly and encourage you to stay on track.

You are immersed in a fun, creative and eventful world full of unexpected twists. You will encounter problems, mistakes, erroneous measurements and broken pieces, but as long as you stay positive and keep your eyes open on new ways of doing the same things, your living room will turn into one of the most important parts of the world.

more comfortable and welcoming of your home.


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