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We live in a new world. The time to pay attention to our natural resources is now. We woke up to the realization that our world is not the inexhaustible support system that we believed.

Fortunately, "going green" does not require extreme and expensive changes. Making a significant difference in the world's natural resources, takes only a small decision at a time. We can decide:

Retrieve Recycle Restore Reduce

With these 4 words in mind, we have some of the most wonderful ideas, tips and secrets to present. Green ideas are simple and affordable. And, if you choose to implement some or all of these suggestions you can rest assured that you will contribute to the overall health of the earth now and to a more sustainable living environment for our future generations .

1. Go green by changing your lights. If every household in the United States has replaced a single standard incandescent bulb by the highly energy-efficient luminescent bulbs promoted today, we

Save a national average of 600,000,000 $. One year in energy costs.

Save enough energy to turn on more than 3,000,000 homes for a year.

Save greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to more than 800,000 cars.

Record the important amounts of your energy bill. My husband spent a day replacing all the bulbs in our house. I am not totally convinced that it would make a big difference in our bill. I was more supportive of his efforts for aspects of conservation (and because he had turned off the television) rather than saving ground for money.

The boy was surprised When the next electricity bill arrived,

she fell about 20%! Or about 10 cents per


This modification of the bulb has a feature that may take a while to get used to. When you turn on the lights for the first time, they seem dark due to the fact that they need to warm up a little before they are at the top – light up the room – performance. They first cost a little more, but the standard lifespan far exceeds the basic bulb – from month to year.

Another saving energy shot is install switches. Years ago, these dimmers did not provide any benefit other than the creation of ambient light in a room. Today, they are designed to minimize your power consumption as well.

2. Green in choosing an environmentally friendly floor. If you plan to replace your floor with hardwood, there are two delightfully green, beautiful, high-performance options that are cheaper than most hardwoods. Cork – Cork has come a long way from its original goal of wine stoppage.

It comes from the bark of a tree that can be harvested once every 10 years and carries no damage to the tree at all. Like a sheep! It is usually sold as tiles or sheets and is easy to install. Because cork contains millions of air bubbles – it is comfortable to walk and more easily on the feet when you are standing for long periods in the kitchen. It is also hypoallergenic, absorbs sounds and acts as a thermal insulation that means heat on the feet.

There are fabulous options of colors and grains available today, so do not forget to shop!

There are some disadvantages to consider. The cork must be sealed with moisture protection and is not very resistant to discoloration or pitting however it goes up well when a heavy flabby object is deposited on it.

The other option of flooring is Bamboo – Bamboo is certainly more competitive if you need a harder wood floor. Stronger than oak, it is made from a fast growing Asian herb that ripens in about 6 years. It can be refined over and over with dye-based stains. Very ecological.

Bamboo also offers a wonderful variety of colors, grains and style. Have fun finding the color and grain of this beautiful hardwood option. Did I mention that the tariff is lower than that of most oak options?

3. Go green by recycling or restoring your furniture. Should he buy new furniture or can you rehabilitate, restore, repaint or recycle?

Wonderful design projects can result from painting, holding or stuffing the dated or worn piece. The most exciting aspect of recycling furniture is the money saved.

Sandpaper, paint and related supplies are relatively inexpensive. Door knobs, drawer pulls can really change the look of this tired cabinet also with minimal expense. A picture says a thousand words especially in this case. Visit the website below to see fantastic examples of these furniture restoration options.

Design applications typically last about 10 years. The neutral and earthy colors we have seen for so long have been there since the late 90's, so it's coming out. This year, you will begin to see bright, vivid colors applied to accent walls, furniture and textures. So, do not be afraid to experiment with textures of colors, fabrics and brushes. This is the year for bold, bright and beautiful! Go for it.

Another idea that you may want to entertain is a fantastic option to buy "lightly used" from your Army of Good Will or Salvation. With a little frugal redesign, "know how" you can create remarkable results.

4. Going Green by purchasing Energy Star appliances. Energy Star is the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Energy Certification System to confirm the capacity of a product To avoid / limit greenhouse gases without sacrificing quality.

When you buy an Energy Star item you can be sure to have a product that will reduce energy consumption and save you money when it Is used in your home, guaranteed throughout the life of the device.

2007 energystar.gov statistics report that consumers "have saved enough energy 2007 only to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 27 million cars – while saving $ 16,000,000,000 ($ 16 billion) on their utility bills.

Wow – Good work! Keep the good job!


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