Home Design in different parts of the world


Have you ever noticed that when you visit a friend or relative who lives outside of your home, your home can be built and designed differently? New homes usually reflect the weather in the area where they are built, the lifestyle and location – rural or urban.

Houses that are built in areas where winters are harsh and where the summer is extremely hot and humid tend to be built on the outside with stones or bricks and a vinyl siding and Composite easy to maintain and resistant. If the house is built in an area where floods are commonplace, or hurricanes from elsewhere, the structure of the building is higher because it is built at an elevation level above of the flood zone. For roofs, builders usually use hurricane clips that secure them. The solid structure will not go away or collapse even in strong air gases.

Another important aspect that is taken into account when building a home is the regional identity. Houses in one area will always have common features. In addition, some homes have floor plans that clearly delineate the entertainment rooms of other rooms. For example, there are areas where people like to entertain in the interior rather than the outside. This is why they have special rooms for eating, living rooms and kitchens. On the other hand, in other areas, people like to spend time with friends and family in open kitchens that have both dining and living room elements.

There are houses built in places where the weather is nice and warm in summer and so people have built patios or porches in front of or behind the house where they can spend time with friends.
There are many things to consider when building a home. And also, there are many things that define your home as your home but the most important thing is that you have fallen well where you spend your days, evenings and weekends.


Source by Sarah K Howarth

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